Is the owner of a dog responsible for the dog’s bite?
The answer depends upon where the injury occurred and the nature of the particular dog that attacked you. There is a state law and a Memphis city ordinance against permitting a dog to run at large. Therefore, if a dog running at large attacks you, the owner has violated this…
Is a homeowner responsible if I get hurt on their property?
Like the store owner and the landlord, the homeowner is only liable for injuries resulting from a dangerous condition that he knows about or should know about. An unmarked hole in the yard or a broken step are things that could result liability. Homeowner’s insurance usually provides for payment of…
Is the landlord responsible if I’m injured at the apartment?
Like the store owner, the landlord is only responsible for a dangerous condition that he knows or should know about. What makes this case especially difficult is the fact that a tenant who has lived in an apartment for any length of time should also know about a dangerous condition…
Is a store owner responsible if I get hurt in their store?
Yes, if your injury is the result of a dangerous condition about which the store owner knew or should have known. For example, if you fall in the restroom that has just been mopped by the cleaning staff, there is liability if there were no warning signs. On the other…
Can The Lawyer Loan Money To Me While The Case Is Pending?
No. Similar to the medical bill prohibition, a lawyer is not allowed to loan money to his client. It is thought that this creates an adversarial relationship between attorney and client that is not in the best interest of the client.
Can the lawyer pay my medical bills while my case is pending?
No. Lawyers are prevented by the ethical rules governing their conduct from making payments for their client’s medical expenses. A lawyer is permitted, however, to pay an expert witness such as a physician to examine his client and render an opinion regarding his client’s condition.
Will My Case Go To Trial?
Most cases are settled before it is necessary to file a lawsuit. And then even after filing a lawsuit, most cases are settled prior to trial. Generally, only the large cases or highly disputed cases end up being tried before a jury or judge. Our extensive experience allows us particular…
How Much Will It Cost Me To File A Lawsuit?
After determining that a case has merit, if settlement cannot be reached, we file a lawsuit on your behalf. Our fee is still contingent upon a successful outcome, but there will be expenses associated with the lawsuit that are your obligation. Our office my advance payment for those expenses, but…
How Do I Know If A Settlement Amount Is Fair?
We will make recommendations to you and try to clearly explain the reasons for the recommendations. Because we have extensive experience in settling cases and are familiar with what juries and judges generally award in similar cases, our recommendations can be trusted.
Will My Case Be Settled Without My Approval?
No. We discuss valid settlement offers with you in every instance, and no settlement offer will be accepted without your approval.
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