A Few Recent Case Stories (names withheld)

Large out-of-court settlement

A family of five, including an infant, were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler as they were stopped to turn from the road into a motel parking lot. All were injured, but the infant was tragically thrown from the vehicle and killed. Our office represented the grieving family and was able to obtain a large out-of-court settlement for everyone, including for the deceased child.

Settlement of uninsured motorist claims

Two teenage brothers were crossing the street when two drag racing vehicles came speeding toward them. One of the brothers was hit by one vehicle and run over by the other as he lay in the street. The younger brother was a witness to the horrific tragedy. It is remarkable that the victim lived, though his football scholarship to a Division One university was of little value. David Gordon represented both brothers and though the reckless drivers were never found, he successfully settled the uninsured motorist claims without ever filing a lawsuit.

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