What Can Lawyers Do in a Catastrophic Injury Claim
After experiencing a catastrophic injury, you may be unsure of your legal options. If your injury was a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to pursue a...
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insurance adjuster
Dealing with Insurance Adjusters After a Car Accident
If your car sustains damages in an accident, your insurance provider has a responsibility to help you cover some or all of the repair costs. While this is the sole...
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close up of person pushing pedestrian crossing button
How Much Compensation Can You Receive in a Pedestrian-Car Accident?
Pedestrians often sustain severe injuries and incur significant medical bills when they are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Understanding the potential compensation available to you when you...
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Man laying on the ground
10 Things to Know About Your Slip and Fall Case
Accidents happen, and when they do, there are many factors to consider. Whether your slip and fall occurred in a public space or while you were visiting someone else’s property,...
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two construction workers looking over plans
Why Is Construction Site Safety Important?
Safety must be taken extremely seriously on a construction site due to the variety of hazardous equipment, tools, and chemicals construction workers encounter on a regular basis. Overall, construction site...
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