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Can You Trust Insurance Adjusters to Be on Your Side?

When I talk to personal injury clients, they often ask me questions about insurance adjusters. At the outset of the relationship between an injured person and an insurance adjuster, the adjuster seems friendly and helpful. This, however, is a common misunderstanding. Insurance adjusters are not on your side. Insurance representatives rely on building up a false relationship to keep injured people from getting the legal assistance they need.

Their goal is twofold. First, the adjuster wants to find fault with your conduct in the accident. This would prove your actions contributed to your injury, saving the other party and insurance company valuable time and money.

The second goal is to pay you as little as possible. Whether they can find fault with your conduct or not, the adjuster wants to lowball your settlement offer. The adjuster may neglect critical information—like the money you are entitled to for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills—as a way to lower the settlement price. Don’t expect the adjuster to give you any insight into the personal injury compensation process.

Personal injury victims without legal representation may not know the various ways that insurance companies deny compensation and fall into their traps. In doing so, the insurance companies only end up paying victims a fraction of their potential settlements. Therefore, it is important to let a Board-certified accident attorney review your case immediately following an accident.

You have access to a free case review when you contact the Law Offices of David E. Gordon. We work to help accident victims gain the compensation they deserve. We have the experience to identify fair comprehensive insurance settlements, and if you get offered one right off the bat, we can advise you as to whether you should take it. If we can’t help, we will tell you upfront and refer you to someone who can. We want to help you get the best settlement possible.

Overall, remember that insurance adjusters are not on your side. Be wary when talking to them and contact a hardworking personal injury attorney to advise and handle your case from the beginning. This can help prevent common mistakes that may end up hurting your case. When you put your case in the hands of a diligent personal injury legal team, you have the power to fight against the insurance adjusters.

To learn more about the personal injury process, fill out this form to receive a free copy of my book titled 19 Things You Must Know (and that the Insurance Company Won’t Tell You) If You’ve Been Injured in Tennessee or Mississippi. This comprehensive guide will help you handle the insurance adjusters’ offers and protect your case. If you find yourself in an accident dispute, immediately call our firm for the critical case assistance. Unlike the adjuster, we will be on your side.

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