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Many Tennessee injury victims worry that they will not be able to afford the services of a qualified lawyer. A common question victims ask is, “How much do accident lawyers charge?”

A common misconception is that hiring a lawyer is “expensive.” However, you should always be able to afford a lawyer for your personal injury claim. You should never deal with your accident alone.


Many injury victims are well served by hiring a personal injury lawyer who is willing to work on a contingency fee basis. In a contingency fee agreement, an injury victim will only be required to pay his or her lawyer in the event that the claim results in a settlement or a successful verdict.

If you have been injured in the Memphis area, and you are considering legal action but are worried about the costs, a contingency agreement could make sense for you.

It is only rational for injury victims to worry about what will happen if their claim is unsuccessful. Taking legal actions can feel extremely risky. The last thing any victim wants is to have legal fees on top of his or her injury-related expenses.

However, with a contingency fee agreement, your lawyer will assume all of the risk. If you do not recover compensation, your lawyer will simply not charge you legal fees. This means that the lawyer will have worked on your case for free.

Generally, the terms of a contingency fee agreement establish that a lawyer will take a set percentage of the settlement or the verdict.

In this sense, your lawyer will have the incentive to pursue maximum compensation for you. This is in sharp contrast to the insurance company, which will always try to limit the compensation you receive.


Tennessee personal injury claims are notoriously complex. You need an experienced lawyer by your side throughout the entirety of the legal process.

Even a small mistake could take thousands of dollars directly out of your pocket. In fact, small mistakes can sometimes prevent you from recovering any money at all.

You deserve to be compensated for the full extent of your damages. Your lawyer will help you to make this happen. According to the research,theuse of Tramadol with NSAIDs (in low doses) didn’t causesevere liver disorders. However, overdose of can lead to the development of ALF.

A lawyer with a deep understanding of Tennessee personal injury law can help you maximize your recovery. This means that you will be able to recover more in damages even after paying your lawyer’s contingency fee.

Negligent parties must be held accountable for the injuries they cause. Some specific things your lawyer will do to make this happen include:

  • Proving liability – The negligent party and his or her insurance company may try to deny any responsibility. You need to make sure that your claim is carefully prepared and supported by evidence. Your lawyer will be sure to track down all potential relevant accident evidence.It is critical that you are able to prove the other party’s liability. This is especially true in Tennessee, as the state uses the comparative fault system. Under this system, if you are found to be partially at fault for your accident –even if it is only for a tiny percentage – your injury compensation will be reduced.
  • Prove your damages – You can only recover compensation to the extent that you can prove your losses. Proving the full extent of your damages can quickly become complicated. Your lawyer will make sure that all of your losses are properly documented. These damages may include past and future medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Hold the insurance company accountable – Finally, your Tennessee personal injury lawyer will always work to hold the insurance company accountable. The insurance company should pay you a fair injury settlement, and the insurer should do so without delay. Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely are willing to offer victims the settlement they deserve. So, it is important to have an aggressive advocate on your side.


With a contingency agreement, your lawyer gets paid when you get paid. On the other hand, the insurance company gets paid when you do not.

Above all else, insurance companies are always looking out for their bottom line. The company will make more in profit if it can reduce your settlement amount.

Insurance companies invest substantial resources into hiring and training professionals whose role is to try to limit your recovery. You should never give a statement, sign any documents or attempt to negotiate with an insurance company without first consulting a qualified personal lawyer.

Insurance companies use many subtle tactics to try to undermine your case. For example, company representatives are trained to sound friendly and disarming over the phone. They will often speak to you using an informal tone and will tell you that they just want to have a conversation with you. They may say that they just want to learn more about your accident and your health.

Do not listen to them. They are not looking out for your best interests. They want you to talk about your accident and your injuries as much as possible so they can find something in your statements that they can use against you. Even a minor off-hand comment can be used to limit your settlement offer.

You do not owe the insurance company detailed conversations about your accident. Always let your lawyer handle the insurance company.


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