Gordon Law Reaches Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim

PD-Pics-300x169Stedman Jones was a biker and a victim in a terrible crash at US Highway 51 and Shelby Road in Millington, Tennessee. A motorist in a van attempted to turn left in front of him, causing the vehicle and motorcycle to collide. A diagram of the accident is below.

Mr. Jones was taken by ambulance to Regional One Health on a backboard with his helmet still in place. He was admitted to the hospital and was taken to surgery the same night for debridement and irrigation of his left knee and ankle injuries. He was ultimately diagnosed with not only injuries to his knee and ankle, but with fractures to his left foot and left hand. A few days later, Mr. Jones was taken back to surgery where he received an open reduction and internal fixation of the left radial shaft fracture and closed reduction and percutaneous pinning of the fractures in his left hand and wrist. This included use of a plate and screws in his arm, and K-wires in his hand. X-Ray images are below. More than a month later the pins were removed from his hand.

david-gordon-case-recoveryOver the next six months, Mr. Jones would endure a boot, a cast, a walker, and physical therapy. Much of that time he was unable to work. He never regained the full range of motion in his ankle and his hand is likewise permanently impaired. Mr. Jones’ case was settled before trial for $262,500.

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon