Large settlement for workplace injury

Jonathan was trimming trees for about $700 a week when an accident brought his world crashing down. A chain saw ripped the tendons on his right hand, requiring surgery, and leaving him unable to work. His employer’s workers compensation insurance paid him two-thirds of his wages until the doctor released him back to work. But the tree surgeon job was no longer available and he could not handle a chain saw with the same ease as before.

What money was Jonathan entitled to for the permanent injury he had suffered? Jonathan’s surgeon, who had been chosen by the insurance company, said Jonathan had no disability and assigned an impairment rating of 0%. So the insurance company refused to pay Jonathan anything for the difficulty he would experience for the rest of his life!

David E. Gordon sent Jonathan for evaluation by another doctor, a doctor who specializes in impairment evaluation and who is fair to injured workers. He concluded that Jonathan had suffered 10% impairment to his arm. With the opinion of our expert behind David, he was was able to negotiate a large settlement for Jonathan.

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon