I Think My Insurance Company Unreasonably Denied My Claim. What Can I Do?

If you file a first-party claim, or a claim with your own auto insurance provider, then the insurer must pay the claim within a certain period of time. The claim must be one that your policy covers. You must also make a formal demand for payment, which generally means a demand in writing. If the insurer unreasonably ignores, denies or fails to pay the full amount you are due, then you may be able to file a bad faith insurance claim against the insurer.

Attorney David E. Gordon has an extensive background with handling insurance claims on behalf of car accident victims and their families in Memphis and surrounding areas. He can help you to determine whether an insurer has acted in bad faith when handling your claim, and he will help you to pursue all legal remedies available to you.

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon