What Should I Do If My Auto Insurance Coverage Lapsed?

A lapse in auto insurance coverage can occur for many different reasons. For instance, your insurer may cancel your coverage because you:

  • Missed a payment or made a late payment
  • Failed to renew your policy before it expired
  • Were convicted of a DWI or other serious traffic offense.

If you drive an uninsured vehicle in Tennessee or Mississippi, you violate the law and risk being held personally liable for any injuries or property damage you cause in a wreck. Check with your insurer as soon as possible. Find out why the insurer canceled your coverage and learn what you must do to get it reinstated as soon as possible. If necessary, you should get in touch with other insurers. The bottom line: You don’t want to be without coverage.

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon

The Law Offices of David E. Gordon