What’s The Difference Between A First-Party Claim And A Third-Party Claim?

A first-party insurance claim is a claim that you file with your own insurance company.  Uninsured motorist (UM), underinsured motorist (UIM), collision, comprehensive and medical payments claims are examples of first-party claims.

A third-party insurance claim is a claim that you file with the insurance company of another party. For example, if another driver caused a car accident that left you with serious injuries, you would file a third-party claim with that driver’s insurance company.

Some people think that first-party claims will go smoother than third-party claims because those claims involve  their own insurance company. That isn’t true. Despite what you hear from TV ads, insurance companies are not on your side when you file an injury claim of any kind.

To make a profit, the premiums they collect must exceed the claims they pay out. So, whether you file a first-party or third-party claim, you should expect the insurer to look for every opportunity to deny or minimize your claim. This is why it is important to get help from an experienced Memphis auto accident lawyer who will be solely focused on protecting you and your legal rights.

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The Law Offices of David E. Gordon