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Spinal cord injuries

The statistics for spinal cord injuries reveal the most common ways that these injuries are sustained. A 2013 study ranked all types of incidents leading to spinal cord injury by frequency.

  • Vehicle accidents rank highest (42.5%).
  • Falls are the next most common type of spinal cord injury (21.5%).
  • Other causes of spinal injuries include gunshots, diving, motorcycle accident, hit by falling or flying object, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, person-to-person contact, others (ATV accidents, sports accidents and others).
  • The first year of medical costs for a spinal cord injury leading to quadriplegia is $1,048,258.
  • One year after a spinal cord injury, only 12% of victims are employed, and at 20 years post-injury, only about 33% are employed.

Spinal Cord Injury: What Is It?

causes of spinal injuriesAn injury to the spinal cord may lead to lifelong impairments. Varying levels of permanent impairment scan result from spinal cord injuries. The least severe injuries — those called “minimal deficit” – may mean no substantial change in motor skills, bladder and bowel function or neurological impairment. At the other extreme are injuries that are so severe that the individual will live with permanent paralysis, known as paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Statistics show that spinal injuries are most frequently caused either by vehicle accidents or falls. The injury is just the beginning of serious health issues. An individual with a severe spinal cord injury is at far higher risk of death from diseases of the respiratory system, infections, unusual cell growth (tumors) and heart diseases. When the body’s critical neurological system has been damaged due to an impact, the life span is shorter. The injured person may be forced to live out his or her remaining years with severe impairments and a greatly reduced quality of life.

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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Complete Injury
Types Of Spinal Cord Injuries A complete spinal cord injury results in paraplegia or tetraplegia (quadriplegia), and a permanent loss of motor ability and nerve function below the area of impact. Some injured victims with an injury lower on the spinal cord will retain the ability to control the arms, upper body and may have the ability to move the trunk, and may even be able to stand or walk short distances if supported by special assertive medical equipment. In most cases, the patient will need a wheelchair. If the injury occurred in the neck region, and the nerves controlling the body were ripped, torn or severed, the patient will live with quadriplegia, losing all motor functions, requiring ongoing care, and in many cases, will be unable to breathe without a ventilator.

Incomplete Injury
An incomplete spinal cord injury is when the nerves in the spinal cord are functioning to some degree. These are cases in which the spinal cord has been seriously bruised or crushed, but some or all of the nerves are still intact. In some cases, the individual may recover motor ability over time, but can suffer permanent impairments such as the inability to feel temperature or the sensation of touch or pain below the level of injury, or may lose function in arm motion or coordination of the body. When only one side of the spinal cord has been injured, loss of motion occurs on only one side of the body. For some patients, the full recovery of function may never take place, while others may improve over time as the body heals from the shock of the impact. Every patient responds differently to treatment, and the long-term prognosis is often uncertain.

What are the physical, medical and financial effects of a spinal cord injury?

Talk to a back injury lawyer about your case.A victim of a spinal cord injury will face extreme physical, medical and financial damages. The costs of treatment can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months, and the estimated average yearly expenses not including wage loss, fringe benefits and productivity are as follows:

Quadriplegia (Injuries High on Spinal Cord, C1 – C4)

  • First Year: $1,048,258
  • Each Subsequent year: $182,033
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 25+): $4,651,158
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 50+): $2,556,197

Quadriplegia (Injuries Lower on Spinal Cord, C5 – C8)

  • First Year: $757,459
  • Each Subsequent Year: $111,699
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 25+): $3,398,426
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 50+): $2,090,336


  • First Year: $510,883
  • Each Subsequent Year $67,667
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 25+): $2,274,396
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 50+): $1,492,617

Incomplete Motor Function (Any Level)

  • First Year: $334,112
  • Each Subsequent Year: $41,554
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 25+): $1,553,878
  • Estimated Lifetime Costs (Injured at 50+): $1,096,770

The damages that will be pursued by your Memphis injury attorney will be far greater than merely the costs of medical care, surgeries, nursing and rehabilitation. One year after a spinal cord injury, only 12% of victims are employed, and at 20 years post-injury, only about 33% are employed. The majority of victims are unable to work, and the financial losses surrounding the loss of employment and estimated lost earnings must be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Other damages that will be pursued include pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and emotional anguish. Some cases may allow for punitive damages to be sought beyond general damages, based upon the facts in the case.

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