A T-bone accident can be one of the most dangerous types of crashes on the road. After an incident where the front of one car impacts the side of another, usually at a high speed, severe injuries and property damage can result, leaving victims with overwhelming medical expenses and trauma.

Moreover, if you are unable to work after the incident because you need time to heal from your injuries you may not be able to afford your medical care, leading to even more financial stress. Experienced car accident injury attorney David E. Gordon could help you recover compensation and find financial relief so that you can focus on healing from your injuries. Let a Memphis side-impact collision lawyer advocate for you today.

How Does a Side-Impact Collision Usually Occur?

As defined by Memphis law, when talking about side-impact collisions, there are three types of accidents that occur. The most significant one would be the T-bone collision. This is the collision in which one vehicle strikes the other car’s front passenger or driver side by failing to yield to the right-of-way. This type of crash is common in cities like Memphis when a driver tries to make a left turn and strikes an oncoming vehicle on the driver’s side. The second T-bone collision occurs when a vehicle pulls from a driveway or side street into the path of another vehicle. One of those vehicles is going to be T-boned.

A third side impact collision occurs when two vehicles are going the same direction, but one moves into the other driver’s lane. This is an accident thought of as a sideswipe collision. It could happen because a driver changed lanes improperly without observing that there was a vehicle in the lane next to them. Sometimes this type of accident occurs because a driver was distracted by, for example, looking at a text on their phone or picking something up off the floor of their car. Sideswipes are typically not as severe as T-bone collisions, but people still can receive injuries in these types of accidents.

Common Suffered Injuries in a Sideswipe or T-Bone Accident

When the body takes a hit from the side at such high intensity, it pushes the body in a direction that it was not meant to move, causing devastating and painful injuries. The most common injuries from a side-impact collision include a torn rotator cuff to the shoulder, a torn meniscus or ligament injury to the knee, and impacts to the neck and back. In these kinds of wrecks, a person could also rupture a disc in their neck or in the lower back. These injuries can be painful and costly, but a local legal advisor can provide medical resources to help an injured person find support.

What Types of Damages Recoverable in a Car Wreck Case?

A person injured in a side-impact collision has a number of damages for which they should be paid. Foremost, they should get their medical treatment and expenses for dealing with their injury paid by the other driver.

An injured person may also endure physical pain and mental suffering for some period of time for which they should be compensated. Naturally, if a person experiences pain and suffering for two years, then the compensation is going to be much greater than if the pain and suffering persist for two weeks.

Lost earnings should also be reimbursed in a car accident case for the money they lose not working while rehabilitating from the collision. Finally, compensation for loss of enjoyment of life can be recovered. For example, a person may be confined to their home for an extended period of time and be suffering mentally because they are unable to go anywhere. It could be considered a loss of enjoyment of life because they cannot go to work or do the regular things that they enjoy in life. David believes there should be compensation for these losses.

A Memphis Side-Impact Collision Attorney Could Help Recover Compensation

David E. Gordon wants to ensure that you have been fully evaluated by a medical professional so that you know exactly what you are dealing with medically and financially. After an evaluation is done, the Memphis side-impact collision attorney can advocate for a full compensation package to cover every part of the physical and emotional losses you have suffered. Call today to discuss your case with a board-certified lawyer.

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