2021 Nuclear Family Scholarship Winner

The Nuclear Family Scholarship Winner: Ava Huelskamp

Our team at the Law Office of David E. Gordon is excited to announce our winner for The Nuclear Family Scholarship, Ava Huelskamp! We were deeply moved by Ava’s essay submission detailing her mother’s impact on her. Below is Ava’s response upon learning of her selection as our winner.

Ava’s Response: When I got the email notifying me that I won this scholarship, I was in my car about to leave the house. My dad and dog were sitting on the front porch at the moment that I jumped out of my car screaming from excitement, spurring a barking spell from my dog and my dad to wonder if he needed to call 911. He sighed with relief, and in the next moment happiness as I explained I had just won my first outside scholarship. I was elated, and still am. It means so much to me that my essay submission made an impact on the selection committee, and watching my mom happy-cry as she read my essay about her was a priceless feeling. She deserves to have a million more essays written about how wonderful she is. 

I know that my parents want to give me everything I could ever need, but the reality is that college is expensive. We have been stressed out about the imminent cost of my education, and are so grateful for the help of this scholarship. I’m so thankful and proud to be selected for this scholarship and accept this financial help with open arms. Throughout high school, I was involved with my school newspaper, musical theater, YoungLife, and I also worked at a local coffee shop. While I don’t have a clear plan mapped out for after college, I know that I want whatever I do to be important and make a difference. I plan to become fluent in french after taking AP french my senior year of high school, and hope to use that ability in my future career. I hope to travel and see different parts of the world, being immersed in cultures different from my own. While I’m still extremely indecisive and my future destination is up in the air, I’m so appreciative of the help this scholarship will provide on my journey. 

Learn More About The Nuclear Family Scholarship

The Nuclear Family Scholarship was started to give students the opportunity to share how an immediate member of their family has helped them become who they are today. Our firm is a tight-nit bunch that considers each other to be a “work family”, and we know both from our experiences with each other and our experiences with our biological families just how impactful close relationships can be. This scholarship acts as a way for us to support students while having the chance to hear about meaningful relationships our applicants have had the privilege of experiencing. To learn more about this scholarship, visit our Nuclear Family Scholarship page.