Every year thousands of serious or fatal accidents occur in Tennessee offices, factories and construction sites. While these workplace accidents occur in every industry, some jobs, including those in the construction trades, put workers at a higher risk of injury.

When a workplace accident occurs, connect with a Memphis workers compensation lawyer. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can protect your right to full compensation. You are entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits if you have suffered an injury, and your case could involve a third-party claim. David E. Gordon can help with both types of claims. En Español

The Facts Of Memphis Job Injuries

Tennessee produced a survey of occupational injuries and workplace illnesses. The survey included these facts for the calendar year 2012:

  • Workers between the ages of 35 and 54 accounted for about one-half of job-related injuries or illnesses where work was missed in Tennessee during 2012.
  • Tennessee workers in transportation and material moving occupations were involved in 20 percent of the non-fatal occupational injury and illness cases where work was missed.
  • In days away from work cases involving injuries to the torso, 72% involved back injuries or illnesses.
  • Overexertion was the most common cause of a work injury and typically stemmed from lifting, lowering, carrying, climbing, bending, and repetitive motion events.
  • Injury and illness cases that required missing work usually affected the upper extremities, including the shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, or fingers.
  • About one of every three nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses where work was missed resulted from sprains, strains, or tears.
  • About 100 job-related injuries lead to a fatality in Tennessee during 2012.
  • Of the 100 fatal work-related injuries, 92 involved men and 8 involved women.
  • Thirty-four percent of fatal work injuries in Tennessee during 2012 resulted from a transportation accident.
  • Eighteen percent of the fatal work injuries were the result of a fall, slip, or trip.

It is important to reach out to a work injury attorney in Memphis to determine the validity of your claim.

Legal Requirements to File a Workplace Injury Claim

Many workplace accidents are caused by a party other than an employer. These cases include accidents from falls, explosions, electrical burns, equipment failures, and fires. No matter how your workplace injury occurred, you deserve to recover the maximum possible in benefits and other compensation – from every potential source.

If you have been involved in a job-related accident, your first step after seeking medical help should be to contact a lawyer. Protecting your right to full workers’ compensation is critical. You have legal requirements and timelines that must be met. If you miss those deadlines, you can lose your ability to get the benefits you could be entitled to under state and federal law. At the Law Office of David E. Gordon, our proactive and qualified legal team will manage every detail for you.

When you have been injured on the job, you may need the help of a Memphis job accident lawyer. Many people attempt to resolve a workplace incident case without legal help. The process is grueling, and errors can lead to delays, denials, and other problems. It may be difficult for an injured party to know exactly what benefits he or she could qualify for, and they may not fully understand how the injuries are valued. For serious or fatal injuries, it is critical you retain a knowledgeable lawyer to protect your right to compensation.

Recover Damages with Your Memphis Workers’ Compensation Attorney

How much is your workers’ comp claim worth? Every case will vary, based upon the degree of the injuries sustained in the workplace accident, and the long-term impact upon the ability to work and earn a living. Some cases involve liability from a third-party, such as a subcontractor, utility company, or another party that will allow a victim of the workplace accident to recover a higher level of compensation through filing a claim against that entity.

To find out more about what is possible, get a case review as early as you can after the workplace accident. Call a Memphis workers’ compensation lawyer today.

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