Memphis Construction Accident Lawyer

Tennessee Construction Accident Statistics

Tennessee Construction Accident Statistics

Construction is one of the most dangerous professions. A staggering number of U.S. construction accidents end in catastrophic injuries or death. Tennessee is no exception.

  • In 2013, there were 17 fatal injuries in the construction industry in Tennessee.
  • Seven of those deaths were the result of falls.
  • Two fatalities were caused by transportation accidents.
  • Three deaths were caused by exposure to toxic substances.
  • Construction ranks second in the state for fatal work accidents, with 17% of all workplace fatalities in the state taking place in this industry.
  • In 2012, there were 11,400 non-fatal accidents and illnesses for workers in the construction industry.

Memphis Construction Accident Lawyer

Memphis Construction Accident LawyerInjured in a construction job? As a construction worker, you have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. However, the benefits provided through this system are limited. They may not provide for you and your family.

Settlements in cases of serious construction injuries or deaths are hotly contested by employers and construction companies. Your legal representation is a critical point with regard to the final amount that will be paid in the settlement. You need a legal professional who has a record of success in negotiating high value settlements for injured workers and their families.

You need the Law Office of David E. Gordon. Located in the Memphis area, our firm provides aggressive representation for construction workers seriously injured on the job site.

Mr. Gordon has achieved significant victories in construction injury claims and lawsuits. In one case, the firm recovered 30 times more than the original offer of settlement. The firm is aggressive in protecting the rights of workers injured in construction accidents. Isn’t that the firm you deserve on your claim?

Mr. Gordon has the highest possible ranking on Avvo, a perfect 10.0. Mr. Gordon is also a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist – one of only 2% of attorneys in the state – and he knows how to prevail at the settlement table and in the courtroom. He has the highest possible rating from the most respected law firm peer review rating service, Martindale-Hubbell®, with an AV Preeminent® rating.

At the Law Office of David E. Gordon, every detail will be managed professionally, from start to finish. You can expect individual attention to your case. You can be assured that you and your family will be treated with the utmost compassion and care.

How Gordon Law Can Help With Your Construction Accident and Injuries

The most common serious injury in a construction accident involves a fall. Those injuries include ladder falls, scaffolding falls, and falls from an elevated surface. Other serious construction injuries include burn injuries, electrocution, amputations, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, crush injuries, toxic exposure injuries, back injuries, and internal injuries.

Construction workers can collect benefits through the workers’ compensation system for their injuries.Construction workers can collect benefits through the workers’ compensation system for their injuries. Those workers’ compensation benefits include money for medical bills, surgeries, treatments, surgical equipment and supplies, medicine, crutches and other medical equipment, nursing, counseling, hospitalization costs, dental work, transportation costs, and lost wages (2/3 of the average weekly wages earned in the prior year).

Even when those bills are covered, you and your family may not have money to cover your daily living expenses. That’s where the Law Office of David E. Gordon can help. Our firm has recovered millions in damages for injured construction workers. If the accident involves third-party liability, it may be possible to pursue compensation from that source.

Here’s how the construction injury law firm of David E. Gordon will go to work for you.

  • We will make sure evidence is preserved and witnesses are interviewed.
  • We will help determine what parties – contractors and subcontractors — might be to blame for your accident.
  • There are often several companies working at the same site at the same time. If your injury was caused by a party from another company, we’ll pursue that third-party claim.
  • We’ll file all necessary paper work for any legal action.
  • We’ll make sure you meet workers’ compensation deadlines.
  • We’ll investigate all available insurance policies to determine what coverage might be available for your injuries.
  • If your injuries were related to an equipment failure, we’ll investigate whether you have a claim for faulty design or manufacture.
  • We’ll keep you updated every step of the way, and make sure all of your questions are promptly answered.

Tennessee Construction Accident FAQsFrequently Asked Questions about Construction Accidents in Tennessee

The construction industry is inherently dangerous, and thousands of serious injury accidents and deaths are reported every year. In Tennessee, 17 construction workers in 2013 died as the result of a construction-related accident, and 17 percent of all fatal workplace injuries were in the construction industry. The majority construction accidents are avoidable, and involve some type of negligence. What should you do if you or your loved one was injured or died while working on a construction site? You can find out more about this important issue by speaking with us at the Law Office of David E. Gordon, P.C.

You may believe that you will be able to provide for yourself and your family through the benefits from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, but the benefits may not be enough to support your family. Every case is unique with regard to the circumstances and contributing factors. There may be third party liability, and you owe it to yourself to find out. If this is the case, it will allow you to pursue compensation from other sources. Get important information about construction accidents in our FAQs, and connect with us to speak us about your specific questions. We are advocates for injured workers throughout the State of Tennessee.

  • What is a workers’ compensation settlement?
    In cases of serious injury, a lump-sum settlement can be negotiated.

    We cannot stress enough the importance of having a skilled negotiator fighting for your rights. Not all law firms are equal in experience, or skills in negotiating the terms of a settlement. Your future is at stake and you cannot take any chances. Call the firm and speak with us. We have years of success in advocating for the “little guy” and in dealing with workers’ compensation insurance company lawyers and other personnel. We know our business, and our business is to help you be treated fairly after being injured at work. Call now for help.


  • What will happen if I am permanently disabled?
    Many construction accidents lead to permanent impairments. This is a serious issue that will impact the injured person significantly, and the ability to earn a living through work may be lost forever.

    When a person is permanently disabled, they will be given a rating called a “permanent impairment rating” which determines the length of time that benefits will be paid. Each body part is given a rating, and it can be quite a shock to find out that if you are physically disabled – for example, living with quadriplegia – there is nonetheless a limit to the number of years that you will collect benefits. Another example is for the loss of hand, which is obviously a very serious impairment. However, the system only allows you to get 150 weeks of benefits. A final settlement is another option. Get a lawyer that knows the process, the officials involved, and who has an extensive track record of success in advocating for injured workers. Call our firm today.

  • Why do I need a construction accident lawyer?
    You may believe that you will be treated fairly if you are injured while working on a construction site, and that there will be no problem getting the benefits you deserve.

    In fact, it can be devastating to find out that your benefits are minimal, that the time off work is too short, or that your employer is contesting your claim. All of these things happen, every day. As workers’ compensation insurance premiums increase when there are accidents with injuries, employers can engage in the process of attempting to avoid claims, even when the evidence is clear. Benefits are delayed, or you may be forced to return to work before you are sufficiently healed. Are you getting all the benefits you have a right to under the system? Don’t make any assumptions. These are for-profit companies that are concerned with reducing the money flowing out – and you could be the victim. Get a lawyer if you or your loved one has been seriously injured.

  • What are the “fatal four” of the construction industry?
    Four types of accidents are called the “fatal four” by OSHA.

    Construction’s fatal four are falls, struck by an object, electrocutions, and caught in/between accidents. With almost 4,000 construction workers dying at work in the agency’s most recently reported year, it is clear that there is much work to do to keep workers in this industry safe from harm. Once an accident has happened, there is no turning back, and the worker and family are left to deal with the consequences, which can be significant. Injuries that require months, years or longer to resolve, or permanent disability or disfigurement occur far too often. It is imperative that a skilled attorney represents a seriously injured construction worker. As some injury cases will involve negotiating a lump-sum settlement, the quality and experience of your lawyer is extremely important.

  • What is a third party claim?
    Injured workers have the right to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include a percentage of weekly wages, medical bills, and some other costs, but the worker sacrifices the right to pursue a lawsuit against the employer, or to be paid for pain and suffering.

    A third party claim can be filed when another party – not your employer – contributed to the dangerous situation that led to your injuries. An insurance claim or lawsuit can be filed to recover compensation from this party. Several third parties may liable, including sub-contracting companies, utility companies, equipment manufacturers or leasing firms. A full review and evaluation of what occurred in your case will quickly reveal the possibility of being able to file a third party claim or lawsuit. In these cases, the monetary damages paid for pain and suffering can also be pursued, and are often a large percentage of the final settlement or verdict.

  • What is the most common type of construction accident?
    OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) issues yearly reports on work-related accidents nationwide, and falls are the leading cause of death for construction workers.

    OSHA reports that 36.9 percent of deaths on construction sites were associated with injuries sustained in some type of fall. Ladder falls, scaffolding falls, falls from elevations, falls through openings that were not protected, roof falls and other similar incidents can leave a worker disabled, whether physically or mentally, or both, or fatally injured. The circumstances that contributed to the fall are a critical point in the amount of compensation that can be recovered. For example, if there was another company working on the site that contributed to the accident, it may be possible to file a lawsuit or file an insurance claim against that company, allowing you to recover far more in damages than could be possible through workers compensation benefits.

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