Property owners are obligated to keep their properties safe for visitors or patrons. Yet accidents can still happen, and when the conditions are the responsibility of a property owner a lawsuit can help someone acquire the compensation needed to pay off their hospital bills or accommodate for any days of missed work. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney like David E. Gordon can look at the facts of your case and determine whether you had a valid reason for being on that property, and therefore a valid claim to damages. Your road to recovery begins by hiring a Cordova premises liability lawyer.

Premises Liability Law in Cordova

Under Tennessee law, an owner of property, or the party that maintains the property, may be responsible for injuries that befall someone while on the premises. A premises liability lawsuit may result in significant financial compensation for a person injured while on another’s property. Many types of hazards or forms of negligence can be the basis for a premises liability lawsuit. Among these are:

  • Broken or uneven stairs
  • Spills on the floor that can cause slip accidents
  • Protruding sharp objects
  • Holes in the ground, sidewalk, or floor
  • Toxic or hazardous substances on surfaces or in the air

Many more hazardous situations exist, however, and a Cordova premises liability attorney can help a client determine whether their specific case qualifies them for filing a civil claim.

Understanding the Duty of Care

In Tennessee, the property owner or manager owes different levels of care to different groups. Depending on the legal status of the person injured at the time of the accident, different legal standards exist. These standards can have a significant impact on the potential damages available to an injured person. State law divides people into three groups: invitees, social visitors, and trespassers.


Invitees, often referred to as “business invitees” when the person is a customer, are people who are specifically invited onto the property for a purpose that is mutually beneficial to both the invitee and the property owner. This applies to people who are eating at a restaurant, visiting a store, or going to work. Invitees get the highest level of care from property owners. Property owners are expected to make regular inspections of the premises to fix any hazards and implement proper warnings of potentially harmful situations.

Social Visitors

Social visitors, sometimes referred to as licensees, are people who are welcome on a person’s property but were not necessarily invited. This could include friends, family members, or workers delivering packages. The owner of the property is required to warn social visitors of known dangers, but has a lesser legal duty than to invitees.


Trespassers are not invited and are not welcome on the premises. They are given the lowest duty of care. The property owner’s only obligation is to not intentionally injure the trespasser. There are relaxed rules regarding young children who venture onto the property but the owner must take care not to have any “attractive nuisances” that are alluring to children.

Financial Compensation in Premises Liability Cases

If a client is injured due to the property owner’s negligence, they may be able to win financial compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. This could include:

  • Medical bills
  • Missed income
  • The pain associated with the injury
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death

Damages depend largely on the injuries suffered and the legal status of the person injured. A local premises liability lawyer like David can help an injured client determine their potential legal remedies.

Discuss Your Options with a Cordova Premises Liability Attorney

Many instances of getting hurt on someone else’s property are the result of an innocent accident but that does not absolve property owners of culpability. With the help of a Cordova premises liability lawyer, you can have someone on your side who knows how to craft the right argument to secure financial relief. Contact the Law Office of David E. Gordon to set up a free consultation and begin your pursuit of justice.

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