A day out on the water is a preferred pastime of many West Tennessee and North Mississippi residents, whether it is on the Mississippi River, the Tennessee River, or any of the other numerous lakes and smaller streams around our area. Just like cars, though, boats can be extremely dangerous if not operated competently, and an incompetent boater may cause an accident that results in devastating injuries.

If you or a loved one were struck by a negligent boater or involved in an accident on the water, it is crucial that you find the right legal support to fight for your fair compensation. Our Memphis legal team of seasoned personal injury attorneys and boat accident lawyers has the experience to prove liability and recover compensation for your damages. Plus, you risk nothing with a free case evaluation.

Legal Procedures Following an Accident on the Water

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s Official Boating Handbook, anyone involved in a collision while out on the water must immediately stop their vessel and render as much aid to other affected boaters while being as safe as possible. Each involved party must also file a written report with the agency within 10 days if an accident causes more than $2,000 of property damage, or within 48 hours if its results in a serious injury, a fatality, or a disappearance. Failure to fulfill these requirements after a boating collision occurs is a prosecutable criminal offense.

Regardless of any criminal implications of a boat accident, any ensuing civil action would proceed through a separate case. In order to recover compensation for personal injuries resulting from a boating accident, an injured plaintiff must demonstrate that the other boater owed them a duty of care, failed to uphold that duty, and directly caused the incident that led to his or her injuries.

Registering Vessels

By registering their vessels with the TWRA and receiving a Certificate of Number, all boaters operating in public waters assume a duty to act reasonably and safely around other boaters. However, proving a breach of this duty and connecting the violation to an accident and its subsequent injuries can be tricky depending on the circumstances, so it is always best for potential civil plaintiffs to seek professional legal representation before pursuing a claim. Our legal team has handled cases like these for nearly twenty years. We have the experience and maritime law knowledge to recover compensation for your damages.

Schedule a Consultation with a Memphis Boat Accident Attorney

Much like motor vehicle accidents, boat accidents often result in serious injuries to all involved parties, bringing with it significant financial and personal loss. In the event you are involved in an accident on the water, you should immediately consult with us for a free case evaluation to determine if you are entitled to recover compensation for your damages and ensure you are not held liable for the crash yourself.

Talking to a Memphis boat accident lawyer could be the first and most important step you take towards recovering after a serious boat crash. Call Elissa M. Coombs of the Law Office of David E. Gordon today to learn more.

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