The existence of a liability or uninsured insurance policy is a critical aspect to the financial recovery of a motorcyclist after suffering an injury. However, it is not always obvious how one would use health insurance in Memphis motorcycle accidents. David E. Gordon can use his Board-certified experience to put you on the path to economic security by explaining how to utilize your health insurance policy.

Why is Health Insurance Important for Motorcycle Riders?

Health insurance is one of those financial assets that people realize are only important once they actually need it. After a motorcycle accident, medical expenses from the ambulance ride, emergency room, and follow-up treatment could easily exceed $20,000. If a person has health insurance, however, the out-of-pocket charges to the injured biker will likely be minimal.

Using Health Insurance After a Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Memphis, you should use your health insurance for all medical treatment. When you go to the hospital, you should provide the staff with your health insurance information, not your motorcycle insurance information and not the automobile insurance information on the other driver.

Neither your motorcycle insurance company nor the at-fault driver’s motor vehicle insurance company will get any discount on these bills. Those companies will have to pay these bills in full and they will get a credit for whatever they pay against the biker’s claim. If the biker submits these bills to his or her own health insurance company, then the health insurance company will get a substantial discount, which means more money to the client in the end.

What if a Patient Provides the Defendant’s Insurance?

The defendant’s insurance company will not pay the bill, if at all, until the conclusion of the claim. The hospital providing the emergency treatment may send those bills to a collection agency, despite the fact that the patient gave them the other driver’s insurance information. It is advisable for a person to use his or her own health insurance whenever possible.

Benefits of a Lawyer When Dealing with Insurance

The benefit of working with a local lawyer when using health insurance after a motorcycle accident is that law firms are able to get discounts on the claim for reimbursement. This is especially true in cases where the payments made by the health insurance company amount to a significant portion of the settlement.

It is important to have a lawyer negotiate a reduction on that claim. The lawyers at David’s firm represent people injured in motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, or falls, which means they are dealing with insurance coverage in every case that they handle. They know how to minimize the claim for reimbursement by a health insurance company or a disability insurance company, and how to maximize the claim against the defendant’s liability insurance or the plaintiff’s own uninsured motorist insurance policy.

Learn How to Properly Use Health Insurance in Local Motorcycle Collisions

After a motorcycle accident, it seems obvious that a person would look to the at-fault driver’s liability insurance as well as the motorcycle’s own insurance to recover for his or her injuries. It is just as important, however, to use your own health insurance in Memphis motorcycle accidents due to the discount it ultimately creates. The Law Office of David E. Gordon can provide further advice on how your treatment should be paid for. Call now for a free consultation.

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