While countless scenarios can lead to a slip and fall, wet floors are high on the list. Spilled drinks, leaking cleaning fluid, or even melting snow could all contribute to a dangerous fall. While these accidents are unavoidable at times, negligence is often a factor.

You might be entitled to compensation when you are hurt in a wet floor accident in Memphis. Compensation could cover your financial, emotional, and physical losses resulting from the accident. Let a seasoned slip and fall attorney review your case and advise you of your rights. Call the Law Offices of David E. Gordon to get started.

Who Is Liable After a Fall on a Wet Floor?

There could be one or more parties at fault for a fall on a wet floor. In many cases, the owner of the property where the fall takes place is liable. Property owners owe their guests a level of protection when it comes to dangerous hazards. This protection extends to warning of or cleaning large spills or other slipping hazards.

In some situations, these falls occur on the premises of a business that is renting the space. When this happens, the occupier of the property could also be liable. For example, this could include a restaurant that fails to clean up a spilled drink.

Determining questions of liability is one of the most important roles of an attorney. David E. Gordon can review the facts to determine if the property owner or occupier acted reasonably in trying to prevent an injury from occurring. If not, he can gather all necessary evidence to prove their liability for an injured person’s Memphis wet floor accident.

Common Injuries After Spilled Liquid Accidents

Any part of the body could sustain an injury in a fall. However, wet floor accidents usually cause a person to lose their balance and fall with their feet up in the air. This can result in an impact to the arms, head, neck, or back, among other locations. Some of the injuries that are common with wet floor accidents include:

Experiencing catastrophic injuries in a wet floor accident in Memphis requires the expertise of a trusted attorney to ensure the injured party receives the full amount of compensation they need and deserve for their harm.

Compensation for Wet Floor Accidents

Serious injuries from a fall can lead to different types of financial compensation. A negligent property owner could be required to pay for the following damages:

Medical Costs

Personal injury lawsuits frequently result in compensation based on the cost of medical care. This includes emergency medical care immediately after a fall and ongoing care as a person works towards their full recovery.

Lost Wages

It might also be possible to recover damages based on a sudden loss in income.

Pain and Suffering

Injuries related to a fall are often painful. For some people, this pain can last for weeks or even months after an accident, depending on the severity of the injury. If a person suffers nerve damage in a fall, they could be dealing with chronic pain for the rest of their life.

David E. Gordon can review the ways the injuries from a wet floor accident in Memphis impact a person’s life to craft a settlement demand that adequately reflects their needs.

Reach Out to an Attorney After Your Wet Floor Accident in Memphis

Anyone injured in a wet floor accident in Memphis could be entitled to a monetary award. An experienced attorney from our firm can review the circumstances of a fall and determine if compensation is appropriate. Call the Law Offices of David E. Gordon for a free consultation.

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