The aftermath of a side-impact truck accident in Memphis can be severe. You could have suffered from significant injuries that prevent you from resuming your regular activities and occupation. If negligence led to the accident that caused you injury, you could be entitled to compensation from the negligent parties.

Proving causation, damages, and other personal injury elements is not easy, especially while you are recovering from an injury. Working with a legal advocate such as David E. Gordon may allow you to seek the compensation you deserve following a devastating accident.

Types of Side-Impact Truck Collisions

Many side-impact collisions are referred to as T-bone accidents. These crashes occur when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another in a rough “T” shape. The consequences of these accidents depend on the size of the vehicles involved, the point of collision, and the speed at which the vehicles were traveling.

When large commercial trucks are involved in T-bone crashes, the ramifications can be severe. A truck that hits the side of a much smaller passenger car can easily crush the passenger compartment of the vehicle, potentially causing devastating or fatal injuries to the passengers. Even the largest sports utility vehicle is small when compared to an 18-wheeler.

Similarly, Memphis side-impact accidents may occur when a large truck sideswipes another vehicle. Although the resulting injuries from these crashes often are less severe than those resulting from the T-bone wreck, a large truck still can cause a great deal of damage when it hits a passenger vehicle from the side. This is because passenger vehicles may not always have side-impact airbags to protect their occupants, or the impact could cause them to swerve outside their lane, potentially hitting stationary objects or other vehicles in the process.

Negligence in Memphis Injury Claims

Most personal injury claims rest on allegations that drivers or other parties were negligent in operating their vehicles, causing an accident that led to the injury. All drivers must drive safely, obey traffic laws, and generally lookout for other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. When truck drivers violate this duty and cause accidents, they can be held liable for the injuries that result from the accidents.

Injury victims must show evidence to support each element of their negligence claims, including:

  • The defendant had a legal duty to safely operate their motor vehicle
  • The defendant breached that legal duty or showed conduct that falls below a reasonable standard of care toward others
  • That breach of the duty of care lead to injury to others
  • The injury victims suffer damages as a result of their injuries

For example, evidence that drivers were speeding, under the influence of alcohol, failed to yield or otherwise violated traffic laws can constitute proof that the defendant breached their legal duty of care. Medical bills and documentation of car repair expenses could serve as evidence of damages suffered by injury victims. Local legal counsel can help an injured person gather the evidence they need to prove their claims.

Damages in T-Bone Truck Crashes

The damages in side-impact truck accidents can be extensive, depending on the severity of the injuries to the victims. Individuals may suffer catastrophic injuries, leading to lasting or even permanent impairments such as brain trauma, spinal cord damage, internal injuries, and more. The negligent party that caused these injuries can be responsible for all related damages.

For instance, injury victims often accrue doctor bills, emergency room costs, and hospital expenses following severe accidents. The defendant could be held responsible for the costs of rehabilitation or other therapy, medical equipment, and medications.

Furthermore, individuals who are injured in accidents may have to take off work for some time or even be unable to return to their former jobs. When this situation occurs, injury victims may recoup lost wages and loss of future earning capacity. Other potential compensation items can include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. David wants to help those injured in T-bone collisions obtain the full scope of their damages.

Call a Memphis Side-Impact Truck Accidents Lawyer for Advice

A full investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding side-impact truck accidents in Memphis is often crucial to mounting a valid personal injury claim. By gathering evidence in your case and assessing your situation, you may recoup the damages that you need to make a full recovery.

A personal injury claim may allow you to seek compensation from the negligent parties, as well as permit you to hold these parties accountable for their misconduct. You may find some measure of justice in ensuring that wrongdoers are held responsible for the financial implications of their actions. Call attorney David E. Gordon to start seeking that justice today.

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