A slip and fall accident can change someone’s life in an instant when it results in severe injuries that, in some cases, could stay with a person permanently. When a property owner or landlord’s negligence contributes to a slip and fall injury, the victim could have sufficient grounds to seek compensatory damages.

An Olive Branch slip and fall lawyer could help you file a claim against the property owner if they failed to use reasonable care to protect you from injury. If you believe you have a claim for compensation, it is wise to consult with David E. Gordon. David is an experienced personal injury attorney who can explain your legal rights and options for recovery.

Common Slip and Fall Damages in Olive Branch

A fall on another’s property could result in mild or severe injuries. Dangerous slip and falls frequently arise from property hazards such as:

  • Poorly maintained parking lots
  • Poorly maintained stairways
  • Loose floorboards
  • Liquid spills
  • Poor lighting

These negligent dangers could result in grave injuries such as broken bones, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, and concussions. Injuries such as these may not only cause the individual to suffer temporary or permanent disability, but they could also affect their ability to work. This could impose significant financial strain on the individual due to the ongoing medical treatment required.

When a slip and fall could have been prevented had the property owner not been derelict in observing their legal duty of care, the injured individual can file a claim to recover the damages. An Olive Branch legal professional can help someone pursue damages arising from a slip and fall, such as lost wages, medical bills, and property damage. A trip could also cause a person to suffer intangible losses for which they can claim compensation, such as mental distress, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering, all of which an attorney could help them obtain.

Slip and Fall Liability

A person’s ability to recover damages after a slip and fall accident hinges on whether they can prove that the property owner was at fault. An owner or landlord could be liable for someone’s slip and fall injuries if they knew the hazard existed but neglected to remedy the risk or warn an individual about it.

However, there are a variety of factors that can impact who could be held liable in a property negligence claim. For example, if the injured individual was an invitee, such as a restaurant patron, or a licensee, like a family friend, the property owner owes a duty of care that is vastly different than what they owe a trespasser.

Further, if the injured person was partially to blame for their slip and fall, the court could assign them a percentage of fault for the incident, which would reduce the amount of compensation they are entitled to recover. It is best to work with an Olive Branch slip and fall legal advisor who can lend in-depth knowledge regarding these complicated matters and help an injured person seek maximum recovery of their damages.

Olive Branch Time Limits to Pursue a Claim

Slip and fall claims must be filed no later than three years from the date that the injury occurred. There are few situations in which this timeline may be extended, so, it is advisable to not delay getting in touch with a legal representative to ensure that a punctual claim is filed.

Speak with an Olive Branch Slip and Fall Attorney

An Olive Branch slip and fall lawyer could work hard to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and ensure the property owner is made to answer for your damages. Schedule your free case consultation with David E. Gordon today to learn more about how he can help with your premises liability case.

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