Slips and falls are the most common examples of injuries that may occur while visiting another’s property. One fall to the ground can be all that is necessary to cause physical injuries that require extensive medical attention. In the most extreme examples, these incidents may even lead to permanent losses or even death.

At the same time, it is important to recognize that these incidents can cause severe emotional trauma and financial harm. Property owners who are proven to be negligent in allowing a fall to occur must provide compensation for the full extent of a victim’s losses. An experienced attorney from the Law Office of David E. Gordon can provide more information about injuries in Olive Branch slip and fall cases. They can also help measure your damages and pursue claims for their full value.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

The most visible and direct consequence of slips and falls in Olive Branch is the resulting physical injuries. Any injury requiring medical attention can be the basis for a trip and fall insurance claim or lawsuit.

These injuries come in many forms and levels of severity. Some examples include:

The core of demands for compensation in these claims is the costs of all necessary medical care. This includes emergency treatment, hospital procedures, medications, medical devices, and rehabilitation. An attorney can help connect injuries to a property owner’s negligence and seek out the payments needed to cover all necessary medical care for both the present and future. However, it is essential to make this determination quickly, as Mississippi Code § 15-1-49 statute of limitations gives people only three years to demand payment after a fall.

Slips and Falls can Impact Every Part of a Person’s Life

While all slip and fall cases in Olive Branch that allege property owner negligence must center around bodily harm, these events affect more than just a person’s physical health. Almost every example of a personal injury will cause a person to experience significant pain and discomfort. In addition, the experience may leave a person with emotional and mental health concerns. A case that can connect these experiences to a slip and fall incident can demand payments for this decline in an individual’s quality of life.

The fall may also force a person to lose out on substantial income. If an injury causes a person to miss time at work to make a recovery or results in a permanent disability, an at-fault property owner must reimburse them for all lost wages. An attorney from the Law Office of David E. Gordon can help gather the evidence needed to make this critical connection.

Call Our Attorneys After Suffering Injuries in Olive Branch Slip and Fall Cases

One vital part of any demand for compensation for injuries in Olive Branch slip and fall cases is demonstrating how an incident has changed your life. At the Law Office of David E. Gordon, our dedicated attorneys can help you with the process of establishing your damages and holding the responsible parties legally liable for them.

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