Whether you are on US-78, State Route 302, or any other road trafficked by commercial trucks near Olive Branch, you should always be aware of the spots around tractor-trailers where the driver cannot see other vehicles. These blind spots are among the biggest causes of truck accidents across the United States, and they can make for uniquely complicated causes of action for ensuing civil lawsuits.

An experienced truck accident attorney who has handled blind spot truck accidents in Olive Branch before can serve as an important ally in your fight for civil compensation. Once retained, David E. Gordon can work tirelessly to prove negligence by the trucker who hit you, while also contesting any allegations of comparative fault made against you.

Common Causes of Blind Spot Truck Wrecks

The average semi-truck has blind spots in the front, the back, and along both side of the vehicle big enough to potentially hide multiple commuter cars from the driver’s view. Since the presence of the trailer would make a traditional rearview mirror useless, truck drivers instead have to depend on side windows and safe driving practices to avoid hitting anyone in those hard-to-see areas.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers operate these massive vehicles as carefully as they should, which increases the risk of causing a serious accident. Sources of blind spot truck crashes in Olive Branch that David often sees include:

  • Making lane changes without checking blind spots
  • Tailgating other vehicles
  • Driving aggressively around other drivers
  • Driving too fast for the vehicle’s weight and size
  • Inclement weather

A trucker failing to see someone in their blind spot could result in a number of different types of wrecks, from sideswipes to T-bones to what are known as underride accidents, in which a smaller vehicle ends up underneath a truck’s trailer. A person who suffers this kind of mistake by a trucker may sustain broken bones, severe head and back injuries, internal bleeding, burns, and various other injuries that may end up having fatal consequences.

What Could Limit Recovery in Olive Branch?

If a truck driver reasonably should have been aware of another driver in their blind spot, the truck driver in question would likely be liable for damages in an ensuing wreck. However, drivers who find themselves in a truck’s blind spot also have a responsibility to drive safely and with foreknowledge that the truck driver may not be able to see them.

If a civil court determines that a person injured in a local blind spot truck accident bears some of the blame for that accident occurring, Mississippi Code §11-7-15 allows that court to reduce the injured party’s available compensation by their percentage of fault. Furthermore, if an injured individual waits longer than three years to file suit after this kind of incident, they will be unable to recover compensation regardless of how little fault they personally bear for their injuries.

An Olive Branch Attorney Could Help After a Blind Spot Truck Crash

It takes hours of training and on-the-road experience to safely operate a massive tractor-trailer, but there is no substitute for responsibility when it comes to checking blind spots. If you were struck and injured while you were driving safely in a trucker’s blind spot, you might be able to hold that truck driver liable for significant compensation.

Blind spot truck accidents in Olive Branch are often easier to financially recover from with guidance from experienced legal counsel. Call David E. Gordon today to talk about your unique situation and potentially get started on your case.

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