Dredges are large vessels that scrape and remove sand, sediment, gravel, and other elements from the bottom of the ocean, rivers, and other navigable bodies of water. There are various types of dredges today, including dredge barges, fishing dredges, suction dredges, and mechanical bucket dredges. The workers on these vessels play a critical role in maritime construction projects. They also ensure other ships, vessels, and watercraft have access to piers and waterways.

While dredge work is a crucial part of the shipping and receiving industry, these individuals face hazardous conditions daily despite various safety rules and regulations. If you sustained injuries on the job, contact a Southaven dredge accident lawyer. Experienced maritime injury attorney Elissa M. Coombs at the Law Office of David E. Gordon is ready to review the details of your incident and help you seek the compensation you need to recover for your losses.

Common Dredge Accident Injuries

Dredge accidents can leave workers with severe and life-altering injuries, long-term or permanent disabilities, and, in worst cases, wrongful death can occur. Some of the most common injuries include:

A Southaven dredge accident attorney can help complete a thorough investigation and evidence review. Through the analysis, they can determine the cause of the incident, whether negligence was involved, and help recover the benefits statutes entitle the injured party to collect.

Dangerous Drugs as Grounds for Denial of Benefits

Some specific actions would make an injured dredge worker ineligible to collect benefits under the Jones Act. According to the Merchant Marine Act, 1920, 46 United States Code § 7503, if the worker is under the influence of dangerous drugs at the time of an accident, they most likely will not recover for their injuries.

Additionally, the Jones Act holds employers responsible for doing a thorough background check to ensure the dredge workers are drug-free before allowing them to begin job duties.

If job candidates have a history of drug abuse, they must provide proof of rehabilitation and that they are no longer using illegal substances before starting. Maritime protections involve various statutes and can be challenging to navigate. A dredge accident attorney in Southaven can answer questions on the rules and regulations surrounding benefit eligibility under the Jones Act and other federal protections.

Call a Southaven Dredge Accident Attorney for Trusted Legal Guidance

While working on a dredge boat, sustaining injuries on the job can be highly stressful and leave you feeling like you do not have many options. These accidents often lead to severe injuries that require immediate medical attention, follow-up care, and long-term rehabilitative therapy. Dredge workers typically cannot return to their regular duties until a complete recovery is made, leading to lost wages and financial strain on top of everything else they are enduring.

Fortunately, the federal government has laws allowing you to collect compensation and other benefits if you were injured while performing work on a ship or vessel. Contact a hard-working Southaven dredge accident lawyer to start your claim. Elissa M. Coombs from the Law Office of David E. Gordon is ready to focus on the legal aspects for you so that you can focus on your recovery.

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