Southaven property owners, managers, and anyone else responsible for a piece of property or land must complete regular maintenance and inspect the area to find potential hazards. When people they invite entering the grounds suffer harm because they were negligent, premises liability laws allow the injured person to pursue compensation.

Preparing a slip and fall case and navigating the process to win a fair compensation award is challenging. Reaching out for legal advice and guidance can significantly improve your chances of success. Speak to a qualified lawyer at the Law Office of David E. Gordon to learn about the common causes of slip and falls in Southaven and your legal rights.

Wet, Slippery, and Uneven Floor Surfaces

Wet, slippery, and uneven floor surfaces are the most significant cause of slips and falls nationwide. Some examples of hazards leading to injuries caused by slipping and falling include:

  • Poor lighting
  • Cluttered floors
  • Sidewalk defects
  • Defective handrails
  • Changes in floor elevation
  • Loose flooring and carpeting
  • Parking lot cracks and potholes
  • Spilled liquids or water and ice tracked in from outside
  • Exposed power cords and cables on floors and stairways
  • Waxed and mopped floors with no warning sign for people walking in the area

David E. Gordon has extensive experience handling premises liability cases. During a free consultation, he can answer questions about these hazards as well as other common causes of Southaven slips, trips, and falls.

Possible Injuries After a Tripping and Falling Accident

Sadly, injuries from tripping, slipping, and falling accidents are a substantial cause of emergency room visits and severe injuries every year. Frequent injuries include:

According to the research and information provided by the National Safety Council, millions of people require medical attention and treatment yearly, and most accidents are entirely avoidable.

Determining Liability After a Slip and Fall

A premises liability claim must establish the existence of specific elements to win a slip and fall case in civil court. Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-1-66.1 provides that the regulations will not hold landowners financially responsible for accidents caused by the injured person’s negligent or intentional conduct or actions. The necessary components needed to establish property owner liability include:

  • The defendant is the landowner or person responsible for the property upkeep
  • Their negligence led to the accident and played a substantial part in the client suffering injuries
  • The injured person suffered verifiable damages and losses because of the defendant’s negligence

The compensation available to the injured individual also depends on their visitor status when they enter the property. Landowners owe invitees the highest obligation to keep the area safe because they enter for business purposes. Examples include customers of shopping malls and grocery stores. Licensees, such as dinner guests, enter the grounds for social reasons, and the property manager must warn them of potential hazards. The last category is trespassers who enter illegally and have no right to collect compensation.

Speak to an experienced lawyer for more information about the common causes of slipping and falling accidents and how to hold negligent property owners in Southaven accountable.

Contact a Southaven Attorney for Information About Common Causes of Slip and Falls

Slipping and falling usually happen suddenly and unexpectedly, and the injuries can be severe. The accidents happen for many reasons, including slippery surfaces, uneven walkways, and tripping hazards.

You have the right to hold the negligent landowner responsible and pursue compensation if you suffered harm because of carelessness. Speak with a board-certified personal injury lawyer for more information regarding the common causes of slip and falls in Southaven. Reach out to the Law Office of David E. Gordon to schedule your free consultation and review your case and legal options.

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