A serious accident can have serious, long-lasting—even permanent—consequences that affect every aspect of our lives. They can be physically, emotionally, and financially costly. Fortunately, you have options. A personal injury claim could help you win compensation for your catastrophic injuries.

Allow an experienced Bartlett catastrophic injury lawyer get to work for you. You need a qualified personal injury attorney like David E. Gordon who knows what these cases require and can pursue monetary damages on your behalf.

Determining When an Injury is Catastrophic

There is no precise legal definition of a “catastrophic” injury as distinct from other types of injuries. Generally, an injury is considered catastrophic if it impairs someone’s ability to continue to perform ordinary daily or life functions. Such accidents can gravely affect one’s physical, mental, and emotional health all once.

These limitations commonly include the ability to walk, to perform job duties, to stay clean, and many other functions usually taken for granted. A catastrophic injury can take that away. Some may even have a permanent and debilitating effect on how that person can live for the rest of their life. Through a free consultation, David E. Gordon, a Bartlett catastrophic injury attorney can further explain what constitutes a debilitating injury and whether a specific case falls under this category.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries in Bartlett

There are several kinds of catastrophic injury. Among them are:

  • Extensive or severe burns
  • Fractures, broken bones, and crush injuries
  • Severe punctures or lacerations of the skin and other tissues
  • Loss of body parts or surgical amputation
  • Severe concussions or traumatic brain injuries
  • Cognitive damage
  • Spinal cord damage and paralysis injuries
  • Wrongful death

A catastrophic injury lawyer understands the nuances of these cases and is prepared to defend a claim in pursuit of proper compensation.

The Main Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

Most personal injury claims occur because of the negligence of others. Their careless or reckless actions may create substantial harm in a multitude of ways, including through:

These and many other situations could result in catastrophic harm. This harm can affect not only the injured person but their entire family.  A Bartlett catastrophic injury attorney has the skill necessary to manage a case, no matter the cause of the harm.

Time Limits for Catastrophic Harm Cases

Most personal injury claims are subject to Tennessee Code § 28-3-104 which establishes a one year time period to file the claim. A late catastrophic injury filing will likely result in a dismissal of the case. The judge will not consider the merits of the claim but will dismiss it on procedural grounds for being late. To avoid this, it is best to retain legal counsel as soon as the injury occurs. Tennessee has one of the shortest filing periods in the country, so there is absolutely no time to waste.

Work with a Bartlett Catastrophic Injury Attorney

You need proper assistance and representation after suffering catastrophic harm. Your case deserves an in-depth analysis of the injuries you suffered, the cause of that harm, and the available compensation that you could recover.

The Law Office of David E. Gordon, an accomplished Bartlett catastrophic injury lawyer can represent you following these serious injuries. Reach out now for a free consultation.

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