Paralysis injuries can change your life entirely. Someone’s negligence has deprived you of the power to move, to feel, and possibly of the ability to care for yourself. You may have to adjust your whole lifestyle, get a different job, or depend on others for care. Whatever the extent of your paralysis, this is a significant injury and those responsible should be required to compensate you for your economic and non-economic losses.

David E. Gordon, a dedicated Bartlett paralysis injury lawyer, has what it takes to examine and prepare your case. As an experienced catastrophic injury attorney, he is prepared to assert your claim for all it is worth. Let him help you determine the best path toward compensation in your paralysis claim.

Common Causes of Paralysis in Bartlett

Paralysis is a type of injury that usually results from serious accidents. Someone whose mobility or capacity for bodily sensation is even slightly reduced is forever affected. Wide-scale paralysis is even more severe and can have significant effects on a person’s quality of life. Paralysis injuries are often caused by other people’s negligence. This may include:

These are some of many potential causes of paralysis. When the cause is someone else’s fault, the injured party should seek the assistance of Bartlett paralysis injury attorney to seek compensation.

Forms of Paralysis Injuries

There are several types of paralysis injuries that reflect the extent of the damage. Some affect larger areas of the body than others and can make a substantial difference in the injured person’s quality of life following the accident.

Localized Paralysis Injuries

Some types of paralysis injury are confined to particular areas of the body. This may be paralysis in a single finger, a foot, a part of the face, or other minor area. While much less serious than other types of paralysis, they will still require medical care.

Any amount of paralysis can have a major effect on how a person lives. A person should not assume they cannot win compensation just because their paralysis is less serious than other types like those listed below. All paralysis injuries may be compensable in a properly proven case.

Paraplegia Paralysis Injuries

Paraplegia describes the loss of most or all of the feeling and motor control below the waist. This is often caused by significant damage to the spinal cord in the lower part of the back.

This can leave a person unable to walk, keep control their bowels, and even limit or destroy their sexual function. It may also lead to countless other complications.


Quadriplegia is the loss of most or all motor function and sensation from below the neck. This usually occurs from traumatic brain injuries and high spinal cord injuries.

In these cases, a person can no longer move or care for themselves, and could require assistance with breathing. This is a major life change that is usually permanent. A Bartlett paralyzing injury lawyer like David is unfazed by even the gravest cases. He is ready to examine any unique situation and fight for all necessary medical care and compensation.

Let a Bartlett Paralysis Injury Attorney Help You

Paralysis injuries have the potential to alter your life forever and many of them cannot be properly healed. Even those that can heal may never see a full recovery. No matter what, paralysis is a serious injury that may entitle you to a significant financial recovery from the party responsible for the accident.

Consult David E. Gordon, a skilled Bartlett paralysis injury lawyer, to begin work on your case this instant.

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