Riding a bicycle on a public road or street can be dangerous. Drivers of motor vehicles can cause crashes by violating rules of the road or by bullying people on bikes. These incidents can result in severe physical injuries, impact your ability to return to work, and inflict harsh emotional trauma.

No matter how severe a bike accident injury is, the law never presumes fault following a crash. You will need to demonstrate the extent of your injuries, as well as show that another party was responsible for the incident. A Bartlett bicycle accident lawyer can help investigate the case, determine fault, and seek out the full compensation that you deserve. Board-certified personal injury attorney David E. Gordon can get you the financial relief that you need.

When is Another Party Liable for a Bicycle Accident?

Tennessee law says that any operator of a motor vehicle owes a duty of protection to everyone else on the road. This applies not just to other drivers of cars but also to pedestrians and people on bicycles. That means that if a car, truck, or bus driver causes a crash that results in an injury for a bike rider, that driver is liable for providing all necessary compensation.

The burden, however, lies on the injured bike rider to prove this fault. In some situations, the collision is the result of simple carelessness, such as the driver’s failure to maintain a safe lookout. Under other scenarios, a more in-depth investigation is necessary to prove fault for a crash. In both examples, a Bartlett bicycle accident attorney like David can obtain the evidence necessary to prove that a defendant driver’s actions were the sole cause of the collision.

Seeking Out Compensation Within the Legal Time Limit

Once a bike rider proves that another driver was the at-fault party for a collision, they must also demonstrate how that event has impacted their life. All bike accident cases will center on an individual’s physical injuries. These may include broken bones, separated joints, and concussions. No matter how serious the injuries, a liable defendant must provide payments for all needed medical care, which can involve both past and future expenses. In addition, if an injured individual misses time at work while making a recovery or because of a permanent disability, they can seek reimbursement for all lost earnings.

Injured clients in bike accident cases can also demand compensation for their non-economic losses. These may involve pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and other reductions in their quality of life. A Bartlett bicycle accident lawyer can help place a dollar value on those losses.

It is vital to act quickly when pursuing a bicycle accident case. Tennessee Code Annotated § 28-3-104 creates the state’s statute of limitations and says that people may have as short a time as one year after an accidental injury to bring a case to court. If this time limit expires, obtaining compensation may be difficult, if not impossible.

Contact a Bartlett Bicycle Accident Attorney for More Information

Bike riding can be an efficient and healthy way to travel to work or enjoy the weather. However, whenever we share the road with motor vehicles, there is always a risk of a collision. If another driver was at fault for that crash, that driver must provide full compensation for your losses.

A Bartlett bicycle accident lawyer can help you pursue those payments. They take every needed step to measure your damages, prove fault for the crash, and demand fair payments through insurance settlements or lawsuits. Reach out to the Law Office of David E. Gordon now to learn more about protecting your legal rights after a bike crash.

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