If you work on a construction site, you know how dangerous it can be. There is heavy equipment in use everywhere, welders with an open flame, explosive chemicals, and more. These dangers can lead to severe injuries if your employer or a third party is negligent in adhering to safety measures.

If you have found yourself injured in one of these situations, you deserve representation from a Board-certified personal injury attorney to help you get the full extent of benefits to which you are entitled. A Bartlett construction accident lawyer like David E. Gordon is ready to fight for you.

Causes of Construction Accidents & Common Injuries

Without question, construction jobs are some of the most dangerous that exist. Workers deal with heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and physically demanding working conditions daily. This makes it vital that the work site maintains proper safety practices and procedures. Frequent causes of construction accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Negligent contractors or fellow employees
  • Lack of safety equipment or devices
  • Falling object injuries
  • Toxic or caustic chemical exposure
  • Falls from scaffolding or other great heights
  • Fires and explosions

Construction zones have these hazardous conditions which are not present in most other jobs. Additionally, construction accident injuries are some of the most severe that a person might face. This is not surprising considering the dangers on a work site. Injuries from construction site accidents can include:

These accidents are often life altering. A worker injured on the job deserves the assistance of experienced legal counsel to pursue compensation correctly. Let David E. Gordon, a construction accident attorney in Bartlett, lend his help.

Workers’ Compensation in Construction Accident Cases

One of the ways an individual can seek financial reimbursement after being injured while on the job is through workers’ compensation. Under the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation law, persons injured while working for their employer are granted access to a no-fault system that allows them to seek compensation through special insurance that their employer should have in place.

However, this system requires following particular rules and deadlines. Whether the injured individual is filing an initial claim or wants to appeal a denial of their claim, they should seek the assistance of a knowledgeable construction accident attorney who understands workers’ compensation.

Third Party Construction Injury Claims

Some claims exist outside of the workers’ compensation system, even if they happen on the job. If a third-party contractor is the reason for the injury, a claim against them is outside the law of workers’ compensation. The injured worker has two claims, one for workers’ compensation benefits and one against the company whose employee caused the injury.

The case against the responsible company opens up additional compensation opportunities for medical reimbursement and other non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. This compensation is generally not available in traditional workers’ comp claims.

Because there are so many different avenues and variables involved in seeking compensation after being injured at a construction site, the best thing a client injured in the Bartlett area can do is seek the advice of a construction accident lawyer.

Let a Bartlett Construction Accident Attorney Do the Legal Work

Construction sites are dangerous and can leave you badly injured. No matter who was at fault for the accident, speak to an attorney who can analyze your case and determine the best way to file your claim and what compensation you might be owed.

You have worked hard enough; call the Law Office of David E. Gordon and speak with a Bartlett construction accident lawyer who will do the heavy lifting for you.

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