Suffering an injury on another person’s property can be a devastating experience. These injuries are often the result of a slip and fall, a hazardous structure, or poor security measures, but people who have suffered harm have the ability to seek payment for their losses from the property owner and their insurance company.

State law provides certain rules governing when a property owner is liable for injuries. You and your Board-certified personal injury attorney must demonstrate that the property owner was negligent in regard to the safety of their land, which means they created the dangerous condition or knew about it and did nothing to remedy it. A Bartlett premises liability lawyer like David E. Gordon understands these rules, and helps clients better understand their rights under the law and to seek out the fair compensation that they deserve.

State Law Concerning Premises Liability

There are two main concepts that a person must prove to collect compensation following an injury that occurred on another’s property. First, they must be able to show that the landowner had a duty of care. This means that the property owner had an obligation under the law to protect visitors to their property, whether they were explicitly invited or have implicit permission to enter.

Second, a person seeking compensation must demonstrate that the landowner failed to provide this protection as outlined in state law. Not every incident that occurs on another’s land is the landowner’s fault. Instead, the case of David G. Rogers v. Autozone Stores, Inc. M2011-02606-COA-R3-CV (2012) provides the rule that an injured person must show that the property owner either created the dangerous condition, or knew about it and did nothing to fix the hazard. This applies equally in all examples of premises liability cases. A Bartlett premises liability attorney can provide more clarification about what an individual needs to prove to prevail in these cases.

What Compensation is Available in Premises Liability Cases?

Injuries that occur on other peoples’ land are fairly common occurrences. Even so, each case is unique, and these events will impact a person in specific ways. The possible compensation for an individual will depend on their own experiences following the event.

All cases will revolve around a person’s physical injuries. Any loss that requires medical attention can serve as the basis for a claim for compensation. Common injuries that David has seen in these claims include spinal cord damage, broken bones, paralysis, and brain injury.

In addition, many clients seek out compensation for other losses. These may include reimbursement for lost wages due to being left unable to work, and payment to cover their emotional trauma or mental health concerns connected to the incident. A Bartlett premises liability lawyer is prepared to take the lead in measuring a person’s losses and restoring their financial security.

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If you have suffered an injury while on another person’s property, you have the right to recover your financial losses through a claim against the responsible owner. A Bartlett premises liability lawyer understands the state’s rules concerning premises liability and can help you evaluate your case to determine if a landowner may be liable.

Reach out to the Law Office of David E. Gordon at your earliest convenience. We are ready to investigate the incident that led to your injuries and fight to protect your legal rights. In most situations, this can end with a fair settlement without going to court.

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