Nursing home abuse and neglect is a much larger problem than many would like to believe. However, it often occurs, and the loved one you trusted in the hands of professionals suffers physically, emotionally, mentally, or even financially. Civil laws will hold long-term facilities accountable when they take advantage of you and your family member.

A skilled Bartlett nursing home abuse lawyer can investigate to uncover any potential problems, then fight for the justice your loved one deserves. If you believe your family member suffered injuries while in the care of a nursing home because of careless or malicious actions, contact the Law Office of David E. Gordon today. Our tenacious personal injury attorneys are prepared to advocate for your loved one’s rights through a legal claim.

Signs of Possible Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Every nursing home resident deserves quality care and to live their life with dignity. Unfortunately, some facilities fail to follow through and—despite collecting payment for service—do not adequately care for them or keep them safe. Potential signs of abuse or neglect include:

  • Sudden changes in behavior, such as aggressiveness
  • Injuries such as broken bones and bruises
  • Pressure sores
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Medication errors, such as overdosing
  • Apparent fear of specific caregivers
  • Sudden onset of depression, such as withdrawing from activities previously enjoyed
  • Permitting the patient to wander from the facility and into danger

If a caregiver or facility fails to adequately care for a resident and causes their injury, the civil courts will hold them accountable. A well-practiced Bartlett nursing home injury attorney, like David, has the experience necessary to fight aggressively and tirelessly on their behalf.

Recoverable Damages in a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

If a client, with the help of their committed lawyer, can show that abuse took place directly leading to a loved one’s injuries, the court may award compensation in the form of both economic and non-economic damages.

Financial damages cover any out-of-pocket expenses stemming from the injury, while non-economic expenses cover the more subjective losses—such as inconvenience and emotional pain and suffering. While this compensation will not reverse or make up for the wrongdoing, it could help the resident get the adequate care they rightfully deserve.

Rights of Nursing Home Patients Legislation

There are federal and state laws in place to protect residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities. One of those is the Nursing Home Care Act outlined in Tennessee Code Annotated 68-11-901, which lists the rights of all residents in an assisted living facility. Some of those rights include:

  • Having the freedom to take part in the religious and social communities of their choosing
  • The right to access their medical records
  • To spend time and communicate with anyone they choose
  • Manage their personal affairs, if they so choose
  • Stay current and aware of medical care conversations and decisions
  • Have the right to share a room with their spouse
  • Keep their personal belongings in their room

Additional state legislation, such as the Tennessee Adult Protection Act, further asserts these residents’ legal freedoms. A knowledgeable nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer in Bartlett, like David, can discuss these laws in further detail during an initial meeting.

Schedule a Consultation with a Bartlett Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Deciding to place your loved one in someone else’s care is never easy. If you believe a family member who is a resident in a long-term care facility sustained injuries because of negligence or abuse, it is vital to act immediately. Immediate action could not only help remove the person you love from a dangerous situation, but it could also help protect other residents in the facility if widespread abuse exists.

A compassionate and diligent attorney at the Law Office of David E. Gordon can investigate a specific situation to determine whether any misconduct is taking place. If abuse is present, they can help you take the necessary legal action.

Call a Bartlett nursing home abuse lawyer today if you have any suspicions of wrongdoing to your loved one.

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