All drivers have an obligation to operate their vehicles safely. This means following traffic laws and paying close attention while at the wheel. But even the most cautious drivers are at risk of an accident due to driver negligence. Many collisions are preventable if you follow the rules of the road. Traffic law violations, such as failure to yield, frequently cause crashes in Tennessee.

When drivers do not yield to other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists it can cause serious injuries. Whether the driver was distracted by their phone or simply did not see the other vehicle or pedestrian due to low visibility, they are liable for their negligence. When you are injured in a wreck caused by another driver’s failure to yield, ask an experienced car crash attorney about your legal options. Board-certified lawyer David E. Gordon has experience seeking compensation for those involved in failure to yield accidents in Cordova. Call today for a free consultation.

Tennessee’s Failure to Yield Traffic Laws

Every state has its own traffic rules, but in Tennessee, someone who does not yield can receive a citation and points on their driving record. When a driver’s failure to yield causes serious injury or death, the driver may be charged criminally. Likewise, if someone does not yield to oncoming traffic and causes a collision, the injured person has grounds to sue for compensation.

Traffic accidents are some of the most common causes of injuries. When someone is hurt in a car accident, they will likely experience financial and personal difficulties related to the crash. Anyone involved in an auto collision due to another driver’s failure to yield should contact a Cordova attorney to file a negligence lawsuit.

Driver Negligence and Failure to Yield Car Wrecks

Traffic laws are in place to keep the roads safe. Accidents are often preventable if drivers follow these regulations. Failure to yield is a common type of traffic violation. There are various circumstances where one driver must yield to the other. Some common examples of failure to yield crashes in Cordova include:

  • At four-way stops
  • Not following traffic signals
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians or cyclists at crosswalks

Drivers are charged with knowing when to yield to other vehicles. It is a good practice to yield even if not under an obligation as it is difficult to predict another driver’s behavior.

A common complication of failure to yield cases is when both drivers share responsibility for causing the crash. Tennessee applies comparative fault in negligence cases. This means that the injured person can sue to recover damages as long as they are less than fifty percent responsible. Speak with a local lawyer to learn more about Tennessee’s traffic and negligence laws.

Hire a Cordova Failure to Yield Car Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a failure to yield car accident in Cordova, discussing your claim with an experienced legal professional is beneficial. An experienced lawyer can help you prove the other driver was negligent if their failure to yield caused the crash. When an accident happens due to a driver’s violation of traffic laws, they are per se negligent. As such, you only need to prove that the driver broke a relevant regulation to recover compensation.

A successful personal injury settlement can reimburse the cost of your medical care, lost income, and other losses related to the accident. When you hire a well-practiced attorney, they can negotiate for fair compensation and help you hold the at-fault driver liable. Contact The Law Office of David E. Gordon to schedule a free consultation.

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