Distracted driving is any action a person operating a motor vehicle takes that diverts their attention from handling the car safely. There are three primary forms of diversion, and those include visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. Texting while operating an automobile entails all three types of distractions and puts the drivers and other motorists with whom they share the road at severe risk of suffering injuries.

When you suffer bodily harm and property damage in a texting while driving accident in Cordova, you have every right to seek compensation for your losses. Schedule an appointment to review your case with a skilled auto accident attorney from the Law Office of David E. Gordon.

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Distracted driving, including texting, claims thousands of lives each year. According to information provided by the United States Department of Transportation, sending or reading text messages is the most hazardous distraction. This action causes drivers to take their eyes off the road, remove at least one hand from the steering wheel, and become disengaged with their actions while focusing on the content of the message.

The safe operation of motor vehicles requires individuals to give their full attention to driving and following traffic safety rules and regulations. An attorney who is knowledgeable about Cordova texting while driving car crashes can answer further questions about safety rules during a consultation.

The Award for Compensation for Crashes Caused by Texting

The award for compensation – also known as damages – for crashes in Cordova caused by texting may include payment to cover the following:

  • Current and future healthcare costs
  • Loss of pay and future earning potential
  • Transportation costs for medical appointments
  • Prescriptions and medical devices
  • Mental pain and anguish
  • Pain and suffering

A settlement could cover your losses and expenses while you focus on resting and recovering from your injuries.

Tennessee Hands-Free Law

Distracted driving caused by handheld communication devices is a significant factor in accidents that lead to life-threatening and fatal injuries countrywide. Therefore, most state lawmakers enacted a hand-free law to try and reduce the number of collisions. According to the Hands-Free Tennessee regulation at Tennessee Code Annotated § 55-8-199, it is unlawful for drivers to complete the following actions while operating a motor vehicle:

  • Reading, writing, or sending text communication while driving
  • Holding a cell phone or touching the device with any part of their body while behind the wheel
  • Reaching for a wireless device when it requires them to remove a seatbelt or a hand from the wheel or diverts their vision
  • Making or watching videos or recordings while operating a car

There is an exception for drivers over 18, allowing them to use devices only requiring voice operation to send messages while driving. A driver who is guilty of texting while driving or otherwise failing to comply with the statute will receive a Class C misdemeanor and a fine of $50 for the first offense. Attorney David E. Gordon is experienced with texting while driving car crashes in Cordova and can investigate to determine fault and gather the evidence needed to prove liability in a case for compensation.

Meet With an Attorney About Cordova Texting While Driving Accidents

Reading, writing, sending text messages, or participating in any form of written communication while driving a car is a leading cause of severe accidents. Further, car crashes caused by texting are entirely avoidable. Therefore, it is crucial to hold negligent motorists responsible for placing themselves and everyone around them on the roadway at risk despite knowing the dangers.

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