Nearly any type of work on or around boats poses certain risks to the employees. Employees who work on line boats likely know of these risks but think little about them until an accident arises. Injuries can also occur when employees are on their way to and from their boats when they are riding as a passenger in a crew boat.

If your occupation involves the use of crew boats and an accident has left you wondering how to recover from an injury while avoiding lost wages and other expenses, you do not need to handle your situation alone. The law recognizes the risks that vessel work exposes you to and provides legal options to assist your recovery. If you find yourself in this position, speaking with Memphis crew boat accident lawyer Elissa M. Coombs at the Law Office of David E. Gordon can help you get started.

The Laws Regarding Memphis Crew Boats

If you work on a line boat, a dredge, or another vessel on the river, it is likely that you ride to and from the shore on a crew boat. Crew members of many different towing companies often board their boats in the Memphis area by riding on a crew boat. Injuries can occur when the crew boat operator is negligent and causes an accident. The crew boat operator may hit a wave too hard, or collide with your line boat, or hit another boat in the river, causing you to suffer an injury.

If you are injured on a crew boat, you may have a claim not only against the crew boat owner for operator’s negligence, but also against your own employer for selecting that crew boat company to transport you. You may be able to recover against the crew boat owner for negligence under the general maritime law. You may be able to recover against your employer for negligence under the Jones Act and for maintenance and cure under the general maritime law. Generally speaking, a wide variety of damages could be available, including compensation for your pain and suffering and lost wages.

If you have been injured in an accident aboard a crew boat, contact Elissa M. Coombs of the Law Office of David E. Gordon, an experienced local crew boat accident attorney, to determine your eligibility for compensation and which parties can be held liable

Find a Memphis Crew Boat Accident Attorney Familiar with State and Maritime Law

An injury from an accident involving a vessel can lead to a variety of legal proceedings arising under state, federal, or general maritime law. The court exercising jurisdiction and the applicable law depends on several factors, including the parties, the vessel, the location, and the circumstances involved.

If you received an injury in a crew boat accident, look into your options and follow the path that works best for you. Speak with Elissa M. Coombs, an experienced Memphis crew boat accident lawyer at the Law Office of David E. Gordon, about how to avoid immediate and long-term losses from a work-related injury on the river.

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