Crew boats play a crucial role in just about every sector of the maritime industry, whether they are used to transport cargo over short distances, ferry workers to oil platforms, or as a means of getting people from one vessel to another. However, just like with any other vessel, negligence by crew boat operators and workers can result in serious harm to workers and passengers on board.

If you are a worker who recently got hurt in an accident involving a crew boat, a discussion with experienced maritime injury attorney Elissa M. Coombs can provide important information about your options for financial recovery. With help from an Olive Branch crew boat accident lawyer, you may have a much better chance of maximizing available compensation, whether it comes from a Jones Act claim, a case under general maritime law, or third-party litigation.

Who is Liable for Crew Boat Accidents?

When an accident occurs involving a crew boat, liability for any ensuing losses may fall on one or more parties depending on the circumstances leading up to the incident. For example, if passengers on a crew boat suffer injuries after their vessel runs aground due to negligent operation, the operator of the crew boat and their employer would be directly to blame for the accident.

However, if that operating company had a history of poor performance or careless hiring practices, the employer of the injured passengers might also bear fault for failing to hire a reputable crew boat service. This might seem like a loose connection to make but it could be a crucial one to keep in mind. Any amount of negligence whatsoever by a seaman’s employer may allow that worker to file a Jones Act claim against their employer.

In some cases, liability might instead lie with the crew responsible for maintenance on a crew boat, or even with a third party who operated their own vessel irresponsibly while in proximity to a crew boat. An Olive Branch crew boat injury attorney can provide assistance identifying the right party to seek compensation for in a particular situation.

Recoverable Compensation for Crew Boat Injuries

The compensation available following a crew boat accident can vary significantly depending on the at-fault party and the basis for a claim against them. The Jones Act allows recovery for both economic and non-economic forms of harm, including medical expenses, the full value of lost wages, lost earning capacity, physical pain, disfigurement, and various forms of emotional anguish.

Guidance from a crew boat accident lawyer in Olive Branch is critical to establishing what course of action might lead to an optimal result.

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Any form of negligence that leads to a crew boat accident could serve as grounds for financial recovery by any worker who suffers harm as a result. However, a mix of federal and state laws may be applicable in cases like this, so unrepresented individuals often have a difficult time getting fair compensation for the injuries they sustained.

By retaining an Olive Branch crew boat accident lawyer like Elissa M. Coombs, you can significantly boost the prospects of a favorable outcome to your case. Learn more by calling the Law Office of David E. Gordon for a free consultation today.

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