Many people choose to vacation on a cruise ship for its relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately, while there are many fun things to do on a cruise ship, accidents can happen that produce painful and expensive injuries. Crews aboard the ship are obligated to help ensure your safety but sometimes they fail to do so.

When you were harmed on a cruise ship by staff or cruise line negligence, speak with experienced maritime injury attorney Elissa M. Coombs. Let an Olive Branch cruise ship injury lawyer seek compensation on your behalf.

Common Causes of Injury While on a Cruise Ship

There are many causes of injuries possible on a cruise ship and many potential injuries. Understanding the cause of a specific injury can help a client understand their particular rights. Potential causes of a cruise ship accident include, but are not limited to:

These may be the result of negligence by the cruise line, individual employees, or even other passengers on the ship.

Identifying Proper Parties for Cruise Ship Injuries

Identifying the proper party at fault for a cruise ship injury requires a thorough understanding of both maritime law and general civil practice. To identify a proper defendant, the client and their attorney must determine who was negligent and what negligence was the cause of the injuries. Numerous parties may be included in the possible list of defendants.

Cruise Line Employees and Staff

Individual cruise line staff members and employees may have committed some act, whether intentional or negligent, that caused harm to a client. When they failed in providing a proper duty of care, a personal injury claim may be appropriate against that individual, as well as their employer, under vicarious liability law.

Cruise Line Company

The corporation that owns and runs the cruise ship is potentially liable in a case. Whether that is vicariously as the result of an employee’s actions, or their own negligence in failing to ensure passenger safety, a lawsuit against a cruise line requires careful filing from a cruise ship injury attorney in Olive Branch.

Third Parties

A third party may be responsible, especially if the injury is due to some type of defective product. A product that causes harm to a plaintiff was likely manufactured by a third-party company, who may be responsible for the harm the product caused. In addition, another passenger could be liable if their reckless actions led to injury.

Time Limits in Cruise Ship Claims

For many kinds of injuries aboard a cruise ship, the limitations period in which to file may be only one year from the date the accident occurred. However, for minors, those who are mentally incompetent, and for deaths aboard a cruise ship, the time limit to file a lawsuit may be longer. An Olive Branch cruise line accident lawyer could provide clarification on when the statute runs out for filing a lawsuit.

Speak with an Olive Branch Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

After a severe injury on a cruise ship, or the unfortunate death of a loved one, you deserve to have your claim analyzed by dedicated legal counsel proficient in maritime law. Cruise lines have an obligation to keep you safe within their legal limits, and their negligence should not leave you injured and uncompensated. For help with your claim, contact experienced Olive Branch cruise ship injury lawyer, Elissa M. Coombs from the Law Office of David E. Gordon.

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