Buses are a convenient and efficient means of transportation. They offer mobility to people who cannot drive and are a practical way to get large numbers of people to the same place. The downside of buses is that they are huge, cumbersome, and prone to rollovers and blind spot accidents. A collision between a bus with a smaller vehicle can result in severe injuries to the other party. Passengers on buses are also vulnerable to injury in a crash or if the bus stops suddenly.

If you have been injured by a bus or while riding in one, you can seek monetary relief for your losses with the aid of Board-certified personal injury attorney David E. Gordon. To preserve all of your possible avenues for compensation, consult with a Southaven bus accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Bus Crash Injuries

Injuries suffered in bus accidents range from minor to catastrophic. Buses often do not have seatbelts, leaving passengers unrestrained if the bus makes a sudden start or stop. The size and weight of the vehicles mean that they are capable of inflicting tremendous damage in a collision, even at low speeds. Bus accident injuries could include:

  • Soft tissue injuries like neck hyperextension (whiplash)
  • Scrapes, abrasions, and burns
  • Fractures
  • Amputations
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Anyone who has been in a bus accident should seek medical care even if they feel fine. Some injuries are not immediately apparent but trained medical personnel will know what to look for. Promptly seeking treatment will not only protect the injured person’s health but might provide important evidence that a Southaven bus collision lawyer could use later if the injured client pursues a claim for compensation.

Potentially Responsible Parties in a Bus Accident

Determining who is liable for a client’s injuries can be a complicated undertaking when a bus is involved. There are often multiple responsible parties and each could try to shift blame onto others. David can review the circumstances of an incident to identify all the parties who might be liable.

These parties could include the bus driver, the driver’s employer, and the bus owner. If mechanical failure was an issue, the bus manufacturer might be implicated. If poor maintenance had a role in the crash, the contractor responsible for maintenance could be a defendant. Others who could potentially be liable include, drivers of other vehicles, and the local government responsible for road maintenance and traffic control.

Client Liability

The injured client might also be partially to blame if his or her actions contributed to the accident, or if their failure to seek medical care or comply with medical advice worsened their injuries. Mississippi allows negligent plaintiffs to recover from other negligent parties, but the compensation that he or she receives will be adjusted to reflect their own degree of responsibility.

What if the Defendant is a Government Entity?

Many buses are owned or operated by local governments and driven by public employees or government contractors. Examples include city buses, school buses, prison transport, and others that service elderly and disabled people. A person who suffered injuries in an accident with any bus that is owned or operated by, or on behalf of, a government entity must follow special rules when bringing a claim.

Although Mississippi allows individuals three years to file a claim seeking compensation for personal injuries, the timeline is shorter in cases where a state agency or local government is involved. Mississippi law sets the statute of limitations for claims against the state or a local government at one year from the date of the accident. In addition, potential plaintiffs must file a notice of intent to sue at least 90 days before filing. This means that he or she only has nine months to decide whether to bring a lawsuit.

Consulting with a Southaven bus accident attorney like David Gordon soon after an accident could ensure that the client meets all filing deadlines.

Team Up with a Southaven Bus Accident Attorney

If you have suffered injuries in an accident involving a bus, do not try to negotiate a settlement on your own. Instead, focus on your recovery. Determining who is liable and holding them to account is a job best left to the Law Office of David E. Gordon. Contact a Southaven bus accident lawyer for aggressive representation. Do not risk losing your right to collect compensation – call to schedule a case review today.

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