Consumers put their trust in pharmaceutical companies to look out for their safety. When a drug company betrays this trust and produces a dangerous drug, there can be severe consequences and potentially even death.

Pharmaceutical companies are often large corporations with indispensable resources. Because of this, you should contact a Southaven dangerous drugs lawyer to increase your odds of recovering compensation for your losses. A manufacturer is responsible for any adverse effects arising from the use of a dangerous drug they produced, and an experienced personal injury attorney who is Board-certified, like David E. Gordon, can get you on the right legal track.

Who Can Sue a Dangerous Drug Manufacturer?

Those who are injured by a dangerous drug have the right to sue a negligent manufacturer. When the injuries result in a loved one’s death or an injury to a minor, a legal representative must bring the lawsuit on their behalf.

Suing on Behalf of a Minor

Unfortunately, dangerous drugs do not only impact adults. Children who take deficient medications are at risk for future health issues. A minor under the age of 21 may not sue for injuries by themselves – a legal guardian brings the lawsuit on behalf of the minor. Any compensation that is recovered is held in trust for the child until they reached an agreed-upon age or the age of majority. For help in bringing a lawsuit on behalf of a minor, it is best to work with a Southaven hazardous drugs lawyer.

Wrongful Death

Dangerous drugs have the potential to cause the death of the consumer. Under Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-7-13, a personal representative can bring a lawsuit for compensation on behalf of the deceased. Those eligible to recover for wrongful death include the deceased’s spouse, children, parents, and siblings.

The Target of a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit

The drug manufacturer is the primary defendant to target in a dangerous drugs lawsuit. However, a doctor or medical provider could also be held liable for injuries arising from a medication that they prescribed.

Drug Manufacturer

A manufacturer of a drug owes a duty to make it safe for those taking it. The manufacturer must run tests on the medication before releasing it, and monitor all potential side-effects. Once the side-effects are known, the drug company must warn of all potential risks associated with it. Failure to properly test the drug or warn of its risks leaves the manufacturer liable for injuries arising from the drug’s use. A manufacturer’s responsibility does not stop once the product is released – they must monitor their products and provide updates on its safety.

Medical Provider

A medical provider could be liable for injuries arising out of the medication they prescribe. Medical providers, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, owe their patients a duty to provide them with safe medicines. Their liability arises when they prescribe something that they know is dangerous or when they fail to warn of its side-effects. A local dangerous drugs attorney can help identify which party is most likely responsible for the product causing harm to the client.

Seek Justice with a Southaven Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If a specific medication caused injury to you or a loved one, you are entitled to compensation for the economic and physical harm that you sustained. Contact a Southaven dangerous drugs lawyer today for guidance regarding your claim. The Law Office of David E. Gordon is ready to help you take on the drug manufacturers or medical providers who acted negligently.

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