Despite attempts to cut down on drinking and driving, impaired drivers remain a presence on the roadway, and the increased risk of accidents they represent is a genuine hazard for other motorists.

When you suffer injuries in a drunk driving car accident in Olive Branch, seeking guidance from trusted legal counsel is in your best interest. A dedicated car accident attorney from the Law Offices of David E. Gordon can help you build a negligence case and advise you on your potential compensation.

The Risks of Drunk Driving

There are good reasons why driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is unlawful. Impaired drivers are far more likely to cause a collision, and these collisions are often deadly. Some of the reasons this behavior increases the chances of a crash include the following:

Impaired Motor Skills

Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs generally experience a reduction in their motor skills. An impaired driver could overcorrect when making a turn, sending them off the roadway. Diminished motor skills might also cause a driver to collide with a parked car or other fixed object.

Reduced Reaction Time

Another dangerous aspect of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the reduction in reaction time. These substances dull response time, which can mean the difference between a driver stopping in time to avoid a hazard and colliding with the car in front of them.

Poor Judgment

Safe driving is all about making good decisions. Unfortunately, consuming alcohol can impact a driver’s judgment and lead them to take unnecessary risks. This lapse in judgment is a common cause of motor vehicle collisions.

Regardless of how the wreck occurs, David E. Gordon can review the details of an Olive Branch drunk driving collision to gather the appropriate evidence to hold the negligent motorist responsible for their actions.

Negligence in a Drunk Driving Accident

Generally, personal injury cases are built on a theory of negligence. This is the case when a car accident occurs due to an impaired Olive Branch driver. The impaired motorist could face liability for the damage they cause if the injured person is able to prove their negligence.

Negligence has four elements. The first element of negligence is proving a duty of care exists. This is straightforward, as drivers always owe a duty of care to everyone else on the roadway. Next, the injured party must show the defendant breached their duty of care. Driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol is a sign that the duty of care was breached. The third element—causation—is all about the link between the accident and the actions of the drunk driver.

The last step involves proving damages. An injured motorist must show they sustained compensable damages if they want to recover a monetary award. These damages can include lost wages, pain and suffering, and the cost of medical treatments.

Talk to an Attorney About Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Olive Branch

If you were involved in a drunk driving car accident in Olive Branch, the impaired driver might be on the hook for your injuries. Holding them accountable is not always easy, especially on your own. Reaching out to dedicated injury attorney David E. Gordon can provide you with the support you need to reach the best possible outcome for your situation. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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