Every person who buys a product expects that it will function as intended. This includes avoiding situations where malfunctions occur and cause an injury. Product safety is especially important regarding inherently risky vehicles such as motorcycles. A single malfunctioning item on any part of the bike may cause a catastrophic failure that results in severe losses.

Fortunately, the Law Office of David E. Gordon can help people who have suffered physical injuries because of motorcycle defects and recalls in Olive Branch. We can work to explain how product liability laws function and gather the necessary evidence to prove a claim in settlement negotiations or civil court. Reach out today to speak with a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney.

Product Liability Laws in Motorcycle Accidents

The makers of all consumer goods have a duty under the law to provide products that function as intended for their expected use. This means performing extensive testing on materials and overseeing the manufacturing process. This responsibility also extends to motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If components of these items malfunction and cause an accident and subsequent injury, the maker may be liable for providing compensation.

However, the simple fact that an injury resulted does not mean that the motorcycle manufacturer is automatically liable. According to Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-1-63, injured parties can only collect compensation if they can prove that the defective product or part was the direct and proximate cause of their harm. They can do so by establishing one or more of the following:

  • The product was defective because it did not conform to the maker’s specifications
  • The product was defective because it failed to contain adequate warnings or instructions
  • The product was the result of a defective design

Individuals who are hurt in an accident in Olive Branch and believe a motorcycle defect or recall caused the incident should retain experienced legal representation as soon as possible to protect their rights.

Recent Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Manufacturers of motorcycles and other offroad vehicles have an obligation to inform the public about potential hazards that affect their products. While these disclosures and recalls do not eliminate their responsibility in the event of an injury, they can serve as a way to prevent future harm.

Recent examples of motorcycle and offroad vehicle recalls include:

If a motorcycle accident occurs in Olive Branch due to a defective part or mechanism, David E. Gordon can help evaluate an injured party’s specific situation to determine their best course of legal action.

Call to Evaluate Your Rights Concerning Motorcycle Defects in Olive Branch

The makers of consumer products like motorcycles must ensure that their items are safe for their intended use. Published recalls and defect notices are proof that they do not always meet this obligation. This means that a person who suffers injuries because of a known fault has a strong case when demanding compensation for their losses.

The Law Office of David E. Gordon can help if a motorcycle defect or recall in Olive Branch was the cause of your injuries. They can evaluate the product’s history and the maker’s actions to build a robust product liability case that demands appropriate compensation. Reach out today to schedule a complimentary consultation to begin reviewing your case.

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