Swimming pools make a fine addition to any home. With the region’s hot and humid summers, a relaxing day by the pool can be great fun for friends and family. However, people who invite others over to use a pool must remain aware of their responsibilities under the law. This applies both to homeowners, as well as to  businesses inviting guests to use the facility for a fee.

An experienced premises liability attorney can help people who have suffered injuries in swimming pool accidents in Olive Branch. This includes measuring your losses, determining the fault of property owners, and demanding fair compensation in and out of court. Contact the Law Office of David E. Gordon for a free consultation to learn more.

Swimming Pool Accidents and Premises Liability Laws

All property owners have a legal obligation to protect guests on their property. However, the extent of this protection depends on whether the guest had permission to be on the property and whether the owner benefited from their presence.

People who enter land without permission are trespassers. In these situations, property owners must only refrain from causing harm due to intentional actions. Unfortunately, for visitors to private homes, the same legal standard applies to these guests. As licensees under the law, visitors to private homes can only pursue cases if they can show that an injury resulted from a landowner’s intentional or wanton activity.

Most successful swimming pool accident cases arise from incidents involving pools on commercial property. This may be a community pool or a facility within a hotel. Guests at these pools are invitees under the law. This means that the owner must ensure that the property is safe for guests and provide proper warnings to visitors. A trusted attorney from the Law Office of David E. Gordon can help the victims of swimming pool accidents in Olive Branch better understand their rights under the law and determine if the details that led to an injury justify a demand for compensation.

Compensation for Swimming Pool Accidents

The owners of pools have a duty to properly maintain the machinery and accessories on the property as well as the property itself. This includes giving people a safe way to enter and leave the water, ensuring the pumps are in good condition, and maintaining safe chemical levels.

Swimming pool accidents can result in life-altering consequences. Something as simple as a slip and fall on a wet surface may cause a person to break bones, separate joints, or endure traumatic brain injuries. Magnifying the risks is that these incidents occurring near a body of water expose individuals to the risk of drowning.

In addition, swimming pool accidents in Olive Branch can affect other parts of a person’s life. This may include emotional trauma connected to an injury, flashbacks to a specific incident, and even financial harm resulting from missing time at work.

Our attorneys are ready to evaluate how an event has changed a person’s life. They also recognize that state law gives them a limited time to act. Mississippi Code § 15-1-49 sets the statute of limitations at three years from the date of an incident. Talking with skilled legal representation now allows us to provide quick assistance.

Let an Attorney Provide Help After Swimming Pool Accidents in Olive Branch

People and companies that invite guests to use a swimming pool on their property have an obligation to keep them safe. This includes providing proper safety equipment and ensuring that the area is as hazard-free as possible. Sadly, failures to provide this protection can often result in serious injuries. This includes physical harm, emotional trauma, and economic loss.

Our adept attorneys can help after swimming pool accidents in Olive Branch. We are ready to investigate the incident, explain the obligations of property owners, and demand the fair payments needed to make things right. Call the Law Office of David E. Gordon now to begin reviewing the details of your case.

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