Stairwells are essential parts of buildings. Even if a building has elevators or escalators, local fire codes require the use of stairways to allow for quick access or escape. Because of the vital nature of these structures, landowners must keep them in a safe condition. This includes maintaining the structural integrity of the stairs, installing proper hand railings, and ensuring that carpeting or other coverings are safe. Failures to perform these steps could lead to dangerous situations that result in severe injuries.

People who suffer stairwell accidents in Olive Branch may have the right to seek compensation for their losses. Hiring a highly-trained premises liability attorney can help you to understand your rights better and allow you to focus on making your best recovery while they handle all of the legal details. Reach out to the Law Office of David E. Gordon today to learn more.

Stairwell Accidents Have the Potential to Devastate Lives

Falls down stairs can be incredibly severe. Instead of a single trip to the ground, falling down staircases can result in multiple impacts affecting many body parts. As a result, the medical care necessary to help a person make a full recovery can be substantial. This can include an ambulance ride, ER care, surgery, and extensive rehabilitation.

In addition, these incidents can potentially impact other aspects of a person’s life. They may cause a person to be in significant pain or devastate their ability to enjoy life. Time spent making a recovery could force them to miss shifts at work and fall into a financial crisis. In the most extreme cases, a fall down the stairs could result in a permanent disability that leaves a person unable to support themselves or their family. Property owners that cause these injuries by not properly maintaining their stairs may be responsible for covering these losses. An attorney from the Law Office of David E. Gordon can help to pursue insurance claims and lawsuits for injuries that arise from stairwell accidents in Olive Branch.

When Is a Property Owner Liable for a Stairway Accident?

Whether a property owner is responsible for a stairwell accident in Olive Branch depends on two main factors. One of these is the visitor’s reason for being on the property. If they enter the property for their own benefit, they are likely a licensee. An example includes a guest at a birthday party. Here, the property owner must only refrain from causing harm due to their willful actions. The same concept applies to all trespassers on the property.

Another category of guests are invitees. These people enter the property for the owner’s benefit, such as to spend money. Here, the property owner must ensure that the land or building is safe for guests and provide proper warnings to visitors. Failure to perform either of these steps may leave the owner responsible.

The other factor is the owner’s steps to protect the guest from harm. If an owner fails to act reasonably according to their duties under the law, that owner is likely to blame for the fall. When this happens, Mississippi Code § 15-1-49 says that an injured person has three years from the time of the event to seek compensation.

Speak to an Attorney After a Stairwell Accident in Olive Branch

Property owners have a duty under the law to maintain their land properly. Failure to do so that results in injury means that an owner must provide fair payments to affected individuals. This applies even in stairwells, where owners must perform proper maintenance and clear temporary hazards.

Our experienced attorneys can help you if you have suffered an injury after a stairwell accident in Olive Branch. They can take the lead to investigate the incident, establish a landowner’s liability, and demand proper compensation to cover your losses. Contact the Law Office of David E. Gordon now to get started with a free consultation.

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