Wet floors are among the most dangerous property hazards. This is especially true when the liquid on the surface is clear. Individuals may only be aware of a problem  after they land on the floor. Many landowners that allow these conditions to persist are responsible for the resulting injuries. This can include paying for a victim’s medical costs, lost wages, and decline in their quality of life. However, the idea that a wet floor caused an injury is insufficient on its own to show that a property owner was responsible for the event.

Wet floor accidents in Olive Branch often require the help of an experienced premises liability attorney when injured parties want to collect the compensation that they deserve. At the Law Office of David E. Gordon, our team can explain your legal rights, investigate the cause of a fall, and place responsibility on negligent landowners.

Why Wet Floors Are Dangerous

Despite its apparent simplicity, while walking, a person’s brain constantly communicates with their muscles to maintain coordination. Any change in the integrity of a walking surface could cause the brain to lose this control. In addition, a loss of traction could cause a person’s foot to slide out from under them.

Wet floor accidents in Olive Branch can result in a variety of injuries. Even a short fall to the ground can break bones or cause concussions. Other forms of harm might include:

Property owners that allow wet floors to cause these injuries must provide compensation to cover the costs of all necessary medical care. In addition, they must provide payments for a person’s other losses. These can typically include emotional trauma, lost quality of life, and lost income.

Demonstrating Fault for a Wet Floor Accident

There is no doubt that wet floor accidents in Olive Branch can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Still, the fact that a floor was wet does not automatically mean that the owner is responsible for the resulting injury. Depending upon a visitor’s reason to be on the land and whether they had permission to be there, property owners owe varying levels of care to these people to prevent harm.

For example, people who enter land for the benefit of the owners are invitees. Here, the law says that the owner must use all reasonable and ordinary care to prevent injuries that result from hazards that are known or should reasonably be known about. Alternatively, licensees enter land for their own benefit. Landowners must only protect these people from dangers that are readily known. Determining a person’s status under the law is often the first step in wet floor accident cases.

Another critical thing to remember about these claims is the time limit people have to seek compensation. This legal concept is called the statute of limitations. Under Mississippi Code § 15-1-49, this time limit can be as short as three years.

Call an Attorney After Being Injured in a Wet Floor Accident in Olive Branch

Wet floors are common, temporary hazards that nonetheless pose a significant threat to a person’s well-being. Water that accumulates from condensation, spilled liquids, or rainwater can leave a slick surface that is not immediately apparent to visitors. The resulting falls can inflict harsh injuries that affect your physical health, ability to return to work, and quality of life.

Landowners who allow these hazards  may be liable to provide compensation for your losses. Pursuing a wet floor accident case in Olive Branch requires knowledge of the law and the ability to investigate the incident properly. An attorney from the Law Office of David E. Gordon can help you in both of these areas. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about how we can put our many years of experience to work for you.

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