When you were hit by a drunk driver or got hurt because of an intoxicated person’s actions, a Southaven dram shop lawyer can help hold alcohol vendors responsible for overserving a patron when they later caused an accident on the road. An experienced car accident attorney will be able to pinpoint liability to help an injured person get compensated.

A lawyer from the Law Office of David E. Gordon knows how to proceed to best secure the compensation you deserve.

How a Dram Shop Lawyer Can Help

Per state law, vendors cannot be held liable for selling alcohol to an intoxicated person who later causes an accident, but there are a few exceptions to this law, and a knowledgeable Southaven dram shop lawyer will know which of these might apply to their client’s case.

David can investigate and put together a case in time to meet all applicable deadlines, such as the statute of limitations. Organizing a case alone is a lot of work and is best done with the help of experienced legal representation who can ensure all deadlines are met and paperwork is filed correctly.

Negotiation with Insurers

Many dram shop cases are settled out of court through negotiation with insurance companies or vendors, but injured parties still need experienced representation. Insurers come prepared to these negotiations, ready to get claimants to make statements against their own interest or tempt them into accepting a lowball offer that dramatically undervalues their case.

An experienced Southaven dram shop lawyer will have encountered these tactics before and know how to guard against them. David can calculate what a client’s case is worth, based on past case experience, and can work to get the client the maximum possible payout available.

Going to Court

When a case goes to court, one of the biggest questions at issue centers on liability for an accident or injury. Determining liability establishes who is responsible for causing the injury – for example, the intoxicated person alone, or perhaps an alcohol vendor or a party host, so each side in a lawsuit should come prepared and have qualified counsel at their side.

An experienced Southaven dram shop lawyer can represent their client’s interests throughout a lawsuit, help develop a case, argue it before the court, and take it through to any necessary appeals. David can put together an accurate tabulation of damages to ensure a client is paid a fair amount.

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