Enjoying a swimming pool is a highlight of summer activity. Many people choose to have pools at their homes when they live in areas with nice summer weather. Unfortunately, many owners fail to clean and maintain their property. Their negligence can result in serious injury to guests on the premises. Victims often face significant medical expenses and a different lifestyle as a result.

When you or a loved one are harmed in a swimming pool accident, you should consult with an experienced legal professional about your likelihood of successfully seeking financial compensation. You need someone to fight for your rights after you have had a traumatic experience in the water. A qualified premises liability attorney can assess your circumstances, advise you of your legal options, and represent you in discussions with insurance companies and before the court. When you have suffered from a swimming pool accident in Bartlett, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of David E. Gordon.

Common Causes of Pool Accidents

Swimmers face many risks. Sometimes, these injuries occur at private residences, and sometimes they happen on public property. Some common causes of Bartlett swimming pool accidents are:

  • Defective drains
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Diving board failure
  • Inattentive lifeguards
  • Overcrowded pools
  • Contaminated water
  • Lack of fences/gates
  • Poorly maintained grounds
  • Poorly labeled shallow or deep ends

The first thing a person should do after being involved in a swimming pool accident is get medical care. Then, they should reach out to an experienced attorney like David E. Gordon as soon as possible for assistance.

Frequent Swimming Pool Accident Injuries

When someone gets hurt at a swimming pool, certain injuries happen more than others. Some of them are:

Any serious injury requires expensive medical care and services, which can quickly drain an injured person’s finances. Emergency medical services are only the beginning of what could be thousands of dollars of medical expenses. Long-term care and physical rehabilitation programs are additional expensive costs. David is a board-certified lawyer with experience handling Bartlett swimming pool injury lawsuits. He can help injured individuals and their families seek the financial compensation they need to recover.

Possible Compensation After a Swimming Pool Injury

One path to financial recovery is through a settlement with the other party’s insurance company if they are insured. Claims usually begin with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Insurance companies will fight hard to protect their financial interests. Some claims can be resolved with settlements; however, insurance companies will try to take advantage of people not represented by a lawyer by offering a low settlement. A legal professional in Bartlett familiar with swimming pool injury cases will fight back when an injured client receives an unfair proposal from insurance companies.

Another path allows the injured party to obtain damages directly from the pool owner. Compensation can usually be either economic or non-economic. Economic refers to the tangible expenses that the victim has sustained as a result of the accident. Some examples are loss of income, property damage, and medical bills. Examples of non-economic compensation, which are subjective, could be pain and suffering, psychological trauma, or disability. A knowledgeable attorney like David knows how to calculate the maximum amount of compensation their client needs and deserves.

Reach Out to a Bartlett Swimming Pool Accident Attorney Today

If you think you have a case, do not hesitate to reach out to the Law Office of David E. Gordon. You need to have someone by your side who is dedicated to helping clients hold liable parties accountable. David is a board-certified attorney skilled in negotiating with insurance companies and arguing before the court. You do not need to handle your legal journey alone. Call for a free consultation after a swimming pool accident in Bartlett.

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The Law Offices of David E. Gordon