As defined by Memphis law, a head-on accident occurs when two vehicles crash front-end to front-end. These accidents can lead to devastating injuries, significant property damage, and lasting trauma. Memphis head-on car accident lawyer David E. Gordon wants to help you if you have suffered this horrible experience.

If you were hurt in a front-end car collision that was another person’s fault, an experienced personal injury attorney is ready to help you take legal action and recover damages.

Common Situations Leading to Head-On Collisions in Memphis

Many times, head-on accidents occur in places where roadways curve. Two vehicles heading in opposite directions are coming into these curves at about the same time. If one of those vehicles crosses the centerline, either because they were driving too fast, were trying to cut the curve and save a little time, or were not paying close attention to the curve or the roadway, a head-on collision could occur.

Another location where these front-end crashes happen is on a one-way street. Sometimes a driver does not realize that they are going the wrong way on a one-way street.

Injuries Sustained in Front-End Car Accidents

The possible injuries associated with head-on car accidents could result in serious injuries because the force of the crash is usually severe. When a motor vehicle is struck head-on at a high rate of speed, the innocent driver’s head jerks forward very hard and then back into the headrest. That first jerk forward sometimes results in a crash of the head against the steering wheel. Sometimes the head even goes into the windshield. In these types of accidents, it is common for there to be severe neck and head injuries.

Seeking Medical Advice

Any time that a person is in a front-end collision, if they experience even the tiniest twinge of pain, they must be seen by a Memphis doctor. The reason that it is so important to be seen by a doctor immediately after an accident is that injuries sometimes worsen over time.

If an individual waits several weeks before getting medical attention, the at-fault driver’s insurance company could claim that the problems the plaintiff presented to the doctor are not the result of the accident, but of something else that might have happened in their life. If they wait four to six weeks before they see a doctor, the other insurance company is going to do everything it can to refuse compensation altogether to the claimant.

Assignment of Fault

What is critical in these cases is collecting evidence that shows which driver was on the wrong side of the roadway. That is why photographs taken at the scene are critical. Likewise, witness statements are important. It is important that both drivers not move their vehicles and get a picture of the vehicles’ position on the roadway.

Determining Liability

One of the factors in a head-on car accident case that could impact liability is drunk driving. Sometimes a front-end collision is the result of another driver losing control of their vehicle because they were intoxicated.

In these situations, this kind of behavior is considered reckless driving. Reckless driving could result in recovering punitive damages against that driver. These damages are the legal term for compensation against someone whose conduct is especially careless.

Head-on collision cases in Memphis usually arise because one of the drivers is breaking the law. When a driver is intoxicated or that driver has been seen traveling at a reckless rate of speed, punitive damages may be awarded.

What First Steps would an Attorney Make After a Wreck?

Since head-on car wreck cases often result in serious injury, the first step an attorney would take in Memphis would be trying to collect all the evidence they could regarding the crash. As your legal representative, David E. Gordon would want to:

  • Examine the police report
  • Talk to witnesses who saw the accident happen
  • Hear the details of his client’s injuries
  • Look at the ambulance report and the hospital records
  • Collect the records of the follow-up physicians their client sees

Contact a Memphis Head-On Car Accident Attorney to Recover Damages from a Serious Wreck

David E. Gordon wants to do everything in his power to prevent a case from going to court. However, sometimes these injuries are so serious that a lawsuit is the only alternative to see that the injured person is properly protected and compensated. A Memphis head-on car accident lawyer will see your case all the way through until you get the compensation you deserve. Call a seasoned attorney today to learn more.

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