A rental car is any vehicle that you are paying another to use. Major rental car providers, like Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, Budget may provide extra insurance when renting, but there is no change in the responsibility of the driver.

Moreover, whether you are driving a short-term versus a long-term rental, your liability is the same, regardless of how long they are renting the vehicle. After getting in an accident, determining liability and insurance can be complicated without a Memphis rental car accident lawyer. Hiring experienced personal injury attorney David E. Gordon could be beneficial to making sure your claim process goes smoothly.

Common Rental Car Collision Injuries

People get hurt while they are driving rental cars in the usual ways people get hurt in vehicle accident cases unless something goes wrong unexpectedly with the car or someone gets lost and is not fully paying attention to the area surrounding them. In most of these claims, however, the plaintiff is the one struck by a rental car.

Injuries in car accidents include neck and back strains, herniated discs, broken ankles and legs, torn rotator cuffs to the shoulder, and sometimes concussions. All of these damages are recoverable with the help of a local rental car attorney.

Insurance Coverage Liability in Memphis

The insurance coverage on a rental vehicle is either the driver’s personal policy or coverage that they purchased from a rental company. Companies such as Hertz, Budget, Avis and Enterprise are not responsible for the driver’s negligence even though they own the vehicle.

In an ordinary car insurance situation, the owner of the vehicle may have the insurance coverage that applies. Even if the owner of the vehicle has permitted someone else to drive their car, that person is usually protected or covered under the owner’s liability policy under what is called a “permissive use”.

With a rental car, the responsibility of having insurance is on the driver. If a driver is in a rental vehicle and does not have any coverage, either a personal policy or otherwise, insurance may not be able to cover the accident, nor will the rental company. If a plaintiff has been in an accident where the other driver was driving a rental car without insurance, David can help the injured person file a claim with their own policy to recover compensation for their losses.

Get Help with Your Memphis Rental Car Accident Claim

If you were in a hired car wreck that was the fault of another person, a Memphis rental car accident lawyer could help you navigate the insurance claims process. Board-Certified attorney David E. Gordon can help you get started on your claim. Call today for a free consultation.

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