Memphis has two primary interstates, the one around the city known as Interstate 240 and the one headed south called Interstate 55. Within the city, there are also many major roadways, such as Poplar Avenue, Union Avenue and Germantown Parkway.

Unfortunately, there are a great number of accidents on all of these roads, especially Interstate 240. Rear-end collisions and crashes getting on and off the interstate are very common. Due to the volume of cars on these streets, these accidents can be especially devastating and affect more than two vehicles. This can make for a very complicated case to recover compensation, which is why hiring a dedicated car accident attorney could be beneficial.

David E. Gordon is a Board-Certified lawyer who understands the laws around major roadway accidents in Memphis and can help you find financial relief after a traumatic accident.

Common Types of Accidents on Highways

There are three primary causes of major roadway collisions. The most common interstate accident is the rear-end crash. This occurs when the vehicle in front slows or stops because of traffic or a traffic light when the car behind them is not paying close enough attention and crashes into the back of their car.

The second most common accident is when one vehicle is turning left onto another street, or into a business shopping center, and they are hit from the side by a car coming from the opposite direction. In this scenario, the vehicle turning left has failed to yield to oncoming traffic, and the result is a T-bone or head-on collision.

The final most common collision on major roadways happens when one car changes lanes before it is safe to do so. Usually, one of the drivers did not see anyone in that next lane and the two cars sideswipe one another. In this type of accident, it is common for both drivers to claim that the accident happened in their lane, which can make it difficult to prove another’s fault. Often, an eyewitness is necessary to prove to the judge that the plaintiff deserves to recover compensation. A local representative can keep track of eyewitness information and use their account of the accident in the most persuasive way possible.

How are Major Roadway Accidents Different than Crashes on a Street?

Accidents on the interstate can be very high impact because many times at least one of the drivers is going at a high speed. Sometimes a driver on an interstate can be going so fast that he will rear-end another vehicle that is moving at a high rate of speed. For example, a car could be going the speed limit of 55 and still be rear-ended by another car going 85.

Out of City Wrecks

The collision may have also occurred many miles from a major city. It would not be unusual for a person to have an accident on the interstate 40 or 50 miles from Memphis. When a person has a serious accident like this and is not in the city, it is sometimes necessary for them to be transported by airlift if they are gravely injured. Most of the hospitals in the city have helicopters available for transporting patients.

If a person has been in an accident, it is important that they do not move the vehicles, and that they call the police. They need to leave the vehicles so that the police can see how they are situated, take photographs of the vehicles and talk to the drivers about the way in which they claim the accident occurred. The only exception to that would be an accident in which there is very little damage, where the drivers can see that their vehicles are holding up traffic. In that situation, it may acceptable to move their vehicles from the roadway and wait for the police at a nearby business.

Even if a person is on the interstate and feels like they are a long way from any police station, they still need to call the authorities. It is important when somebody is in an accident that they get a police report, which will have information regarding the way the vehicles looked immediately after the crash. The report is going to have insurance information on both drivers, the statements that each driver made to the officer at the scene of the accident, as well as the names of any witnesses. All of this information is vital to an investigation and could be critical to a person who has been injured in an accident for bringing a claim later on.

What to Do After Major Roadway Accident in Memphis

Major roadway accidents in Memphis can be more devastating than wrecks on everyday streets. This also means that the bodily and property damages can be much more severe and expensive. If you or a loved one has been in this type of accident, David E. Gordon is an experienced lawyer who is dedicated to recovering your fair compensation. For a free consultation, call today.

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