Any accident has the potential to trigger serious consequences for a person. But this is especially true of motorcycle riders who do not enjoy the protection that a car affords. Injuries in Memphis motorcycle accidents must be taken seriously. An intelligent motorcycle accident attorney like David E. Gordon can help calculate the expenses related to those injuries in order to seek compensation.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

The most common injuries that result from local motorcycle accidents include head damage, fractures, and road rash. Although helmets can protect the head from blunt force trauma, an especially severe impact can still cause harm.

A broken bone occurs in a motorcycle crash when the limb is forced into a direction for which it was not intended, or as a result of severe impact. A bone can shatter into several pieces or crack after being bent in a direction it is not supposed to go.

How Can Motorcycles Aggravate Injuries in an Accident?

The motorcyclist has virtually no protection from a large automobile or a big rig truck. When an automobile driver sees that an accident is about to occur, they can usually swerve their vehicle or apply their brakes to minimize the collision. A biker, on the other hand, often must go down on their bike in order to avoid a terrible crash. That maneuver just by itself can cause injury.

Serious Consequences of Broken Bones

The consequences of broken bones in a motorcycle accident depend upon the severity of the fracture. If a person suffers what is called a non-displaced fracture, it means that the bone is essentially in the same position it was in before the crash but it has a break or a fracture. This kind of break rarely requires surgery. The arm or leg is immobilized by the physician in order for it to heal over time.

A younger person who suffers a non-displaced fracture tends to heal quicker than an older person. A child with a non-displaced fracture in their arm can heal completely in a few weeks. An older person, on the other hand, might require months for such a healing, and even then they might not have a complete resolution from a non-displaced fracture.

Displaced Fracture

A displaced fracture means that there is not only a break in the bone, but the pieces of the bone do not line up properly anymore. The orthopedic surgeon must repair the bone by putting the pieces back in proper alignment. This almost always requires them to insert hardware, meaning a metal plate and screws of some kind, to keep the limb in position for healing. If the hardware causes pain to the individual after the bone has healed, doctors can sometimes remove the hardware entirely. But ordinarily, it becomes a permanent fixture to the person’s limb, unseen under the skin.

Injuries in Memphis motorbike accidents can last for years, which is why all riders should wear protection and pay attention to their surroundings at all times.

How Do Doctors Respond to Motorcycle Accident Patients?

Doctors care for injured motorcyclists with the same degree of care they use for someone who suffered any kind of motor vehicle crash. There are some medical clinics who refuse to treat anyone who has been in a motor vehicle crash, including motorbikes. But most doctors in Memphis will treat them, and a lawyer can help identify those physicians for an injured rider to visit.

Memphis is fortunate to have many excellent orthopedic surgeons, which are doctors who specialize in spine injuries, as well as neurologists and neurosurgeons who treat neck and brain injuries.

Learn More About Memphis Motorcycle Accident Injuries with an Attorney

Contact the Law Office of David E. Gordon if you are in a financial bind after an accident and are looking for restitution. You could receive a monetary award for the injuries you suffered in a Memphis motorcycle accident. Do not let your collision leave you stuck in debt.

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