If a person is lucky, their recovery period after a crash will only take a few weeks or months. Unfortunately, a number of riders suffer long-term consequences of motorcycle accident injuries in Memphis. This could impact their professional and social life, in addition to their physical wellbeing. The Law Office of David E. Gordon can provide a Board-certified motorcycle accident attorney to assist you.

Injuries That Can Have Long-Term Consequences

Severe injuries to the brain can limit the rest of a person’s life, including ability to speak, think clearly, read, remember the past, walk or run, or use their hands for simple tasks. Someone can also experience the loss of eyesight, the loss of hearing, or the loss of a limb.

Damage to certain parts of the body can be difficult for a period of time but the body tends to ultimately recover from them. Injuries to the spine, neck, and the general back area are difficult to fully recover from. Spinal injuries can lead to a lifetime of pain from which it is very difficult to find relief.

Professional Consequences

The long-term consequences on an individual’s ability to perform their job is incalculable. If a person makes a living with their body, such as an electrician, a plumber, a construction worker, or a painter, then a permanent injury to the spine could make it impossible for them to continue their work. Even an injury to an arm or a leg will make it difficult for them to return to work for a number of months, if ever.

The long-term consequences of local motorbike accidents can go beyond physical pain. An injury to the brain can harm an individual’s ability to make a living, regardless of the type of work that they do. David can help someone whose livelihood is impacted by a bad collision.

The Impact on Day-to-Day Actions

Serious injuries from motorcycle collisions affect not only a person’s body but also a person’s emotional wellbeing. Being required to remain at home for a period of months while rehabilitating can be discouraging, and a feeling of isolation overwhelms many people in that situation. It is not unusual for a person who is rehabilitating to suffer anxiety and depression after several months. They miss seeing their friends, co-workers, and customers. These are mental losses for which a person can be entitled to recover compensation in Tennessee. These losses are sometimes overlooked but can be a significant source of financial relief.

Calculating Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts

When a person has suffered an injury that results in long-term losses, such as the ability to earn income, then lawyers can hire an expert witness such as an economist to calculate how much will be lost. The economist could take into account the person’s earnings, as well as the kinds of expenses that the person will incur because they have to do certain things differently than they used to.

A person who mowed their own lawn or changed the oil on their own car might now have to pay someone else to do them, which can be included in the damages. An economist can compute those expenses, adjusted for the length of time during which the person is expected to recover.

If the person has permanent injuries after a Memphis motorcycle crash, then these losses are calculated for a lifetime. An expert for that kind of analysis is called a life care planner. A life care planner takes into account not only the financial losses that the person incurs because they cannot make a living, but also the many medical expenses. That figure of lifetime losses is an important piece of the calculation in determining the value of a person’s claim.

Speak with a Memphis Attorney About Long-Term Consequences of Motorcycle Injuries

If you are going to be dealing with the physical and psychological ramifications of an accident for a long time, you should be compensated for your troubles. David E. Gordon can provide resources and legal advice on how to manage the long-term consequences of motorcycle accident injuries in Memphis. Call as soon as possible for a free consultation.

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